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  2. Icytroll-
  3. support email address
  4. Thank you Patriot!
  5. Jeez guys
  6. The BEST
  7. Availability
  8. Why does not Live Help work?
  9. live chat M-F from 9am to 6pm for live chat
  10. No Problems Just Praise!
  11. I am unable to post or reply.
  12. Where can i get a hat that has the "e; PATRIOT"e; Logo on the Front?
  13. Review Request email not working?
  14. Retailer for Patriot Xporter XT 4GB in Canada?
  15. Sponsorships?
  16. Register Products
  17. PMS and H20 Clan want to thank you!
  18. Hello
  19. DDR3
  21. polish service
  22. when is the X-Porter XT Version 2 usb flash drive coming out?
  23. tec support
  24. Difficulties with email support
  25. What is a valid email address for customer support?
  26. They said it wouldn't work, but it does!
  27. Cannot find PDC24G8500ELK anywhere in the U.S.
  28. How accurate are 'Memory Configurators'?
  29. Where can i get ?
  30. Patriot RMA shipping.....lol
  31. Is it ready ? ICON
  32. Whats happening
  33. I Need a Price list of Patriot Memories ...
  34. Extreme and Viper
  35. Is there a 200X version for Xporter XT 32GB Flash Drive?
  36. Any chance of a Patriot Memory Contest?
  37. Where can I purchase Patriot Memory in NZ?
  38. help with PVT36G1600LLK
  39. Evolution Of Memory
  40. Good RMA
  41. Screenshot for the PVS34G2000LLKN on a 790 board?
  42. Rebate Policy = Bait and Switch
  43. Web Site Support
  44. P5Q3 & Competitor 4GB DDR3 ____ ___ Dual Kit - FAIL
  45. No Vantage with Bundle? Help!
  46. Single sided memory?
  47. TORQX vs X-25E
  48. How to Private Message other Users ;)
  49. PVT36G1600LLK with Prolimatech Megahalems?
  50. why have you lyed about sending me my memory
  51. My packaging reads different than the description online!
  52. Who in the U.S. sells this Ram?????
  53. vantage key invalid
  54. Corza availability in EU (Ireland)
  55. Patriot Website Broken?
  56. Does tech support exist at patriot?
  57. The Great Patriot Memory 128GB Xporter Magnum USB Flash Drive Tweetaway!
  58. Patriot.com down again?
  59. Patriot send used defective drive as new?
  60. Better QC @ Factory
  61. Website is down again
  62. Difference between Viper II and Viper II Sector 5
  63. PhenomII X4 Upgarde
  64. SSD enclosure needs a remote switch!
  65. Bricked Torqx 256
  66. Bricked Torqx 256
  67. Street Fighter IV
  68. Do not trust patriot rebate programs
  69. PATRIOT Extreme Performance Viper Series...
  70. Motherboards Compatiable with PDC24G6400LLK
  71. Difference between dimm's
  72. whats the difference between the two model numbers?
  73. Love the device -- but the cap...
  74. PBO on sale
  75. Sponsor request returned as spam.
  76. Yet another 128GB Torqx D-E-D
  77. SSD: Patriot Warp v2 128GB
  78. Don't see 3DMark Vantage Key w/ Patriot Viper II
  79. Is someone deleting posts?
  80. Thanks Patriot for your firmware
  81. can anyone tell me what they think of my setup and if it all works together.
  82. Frustrated
  83. Suggestion: Secure/Encrypted RAM
  84. Memory RMA... - :)
  85. WTB 1x2GB stick of Viper PC3 16000 (Discuntinued)
  86. I want to change my sector 5 for another series
  87. patriot selling memory by making false claims
  88. Only fools and horses
  89. Sponsor Request returned as spam
  90. Patriot forum could use better masthead
  91. Patriot Reported as Attack Site
  92. Don't see 3DMark Vantage Key - Patriot Viper 2
  93. $99 1TB 2.5" 12.5mm Toshiba drive on Sale
  94. Lost USB extender cable
  95. Thanks for the Xtra tight timings! Shame I missed the Rebate
  96. Types of RAM
  97. Thank You Patriot!
  98. Thank you
  99. Product Registration
  100. How come noones answering the phones?
  101. Well Done Patriot_Ben!
  102. Request for sponsorship for my event - deemed as spam
  103. Fake patriot memory from CompUSA Orlando
  104. Universal remote setup?
  105. Patriot Support on Vacation? and Web Site down?
  106. Got a broken link ? replace "patriotmem" with "patriotmemory"
  107. Bad Support
  108. Refunds?
  109. Delete file on network
  110. "500 Servlet Exception" on Support Request page
  111. Firmware update link is not working.
  112. Rebate refused...?
  113. Contacting Customer Support
  114. what are the 2 white SATA ports for on my Mobo?
  115. PX7324G2000ELHK Where To Buy?!@#
  116. Selling two Torqx drives.
  117. RMA Thank you and Suggestions
  118. No Modding thread WTF??
  119. How do I get my harddrives to show up?
  120. Play all folders on PBO Media Player?
  121. Subtitle questions/Embedded subtitle problems
  122. I just bought 2 PSF16GUSB white flashdrives. Any chance i can get a patriot lanyard?
  123. My PBO Office do not turn on
  124. Case Stickers/Badges
  125. Free 100 Photos with Snowman 8GB.
  126. Patriot Wallpaper
  127. What sort of memory do I need?
  128. recoved stolen memory from computer Valid SN? Please help !
  129. A long lasting gaming and multipurpose rig?
  130. Macintosh support for USB WLAN-N Mini USB-adapter
  131. surround sound
  132. Sponsorship
  133. Patriot PBO Core Box Office Media Player
  134. Configure Javelin S4 for email notofocations
  135. Product Suggestion
  136. reset
  137. Are the new VIPER 3's t1 or t2?
  138. 32GB Axel Drive Great but...
  139. USB3 Flash drive: controller matrix
  140. Administration manual for Javelin S4
  141. 3D Playback?
  142. case badges?
  143. node questions
  144. Registry
  145. Team Sponsorships
  146. GREAT customer service!
  147. Light yellow-orange of the NAS always flashing
  148. Tracking
  149. Ipad keylite keyboard
  150. Need some help...