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  1. Patriot Corza Nas (Network-attached storage)
  2. Minor Issues With the New NAS Device
  3. Login Problems
  4. Important about encryption under the Disk Utility section
  5. Cannot setup Corza NAS unit.
  6. software update and ftp info
  7. Corza - slow connection
  8. FAT 32 4 GB Limit
  9. Trying to set up Corza on my network
  10. Unusably slow Corza via SMB
  11. Streaming Video to Xbox 360
  12. Corza Nas - connect from Mac OS X 10.6???
  13. Corza NAS - damaged!
  14. How to rest user name & password
  15. Where is the new firmware for Patriot CORZA
  16. Bought a Patriot Corza Nas, couple issues
  17. error upload torrentflux-1.142B
  18. Corza: Bittorrent freeze on start issue
  19. unable to setup streaming using xbox 360
  20. Character set CP1252 doesn't work with firmware 1.5
  21. Setting up Streaming to xbox 360 - Not working
  22. iTunes doesn't see MP3/4 files on NAS
  23. Feature Request - Allowing users to SSH/telnet into the NAS?
  24. What is the CPU Speed & Memory on the NAS?
  25. I cant see the drive in Network
  26. Utorrent support on Corza?
  27. Feature request
  28. Corza dead after firmware upgrade
  29. Charset other than English?
  30. Bittorrent wont start.
  31. External USB HDD mapping
  32. Torrent Software.
  33. Code page 1250
  34. Carza nas password??
  35. PS3 - Files not sorted properly
  36. Raid 1 & Offsite Storage of a 3rd rotated HDD?
  37. could not reconnect all network drives
  38. NFS setup failure, need some help !
  39. howto: Enabling telnet on Corza
  40. Corza Programs, UPNP, and Backup Problems
  41. WD Green Drives in Corza?
  42. Help with FTP
  43. Spin down option?
  44. Connection through VPN problems
  45. Corza: FTP passive ports
  46. Fix for not working Bittorrent
  47. howto: expanding corza's linux functionality (via telnet)
  48. Corza Dead ?
  49. Corza Gigabit Support (and other)
  50. Issues
  51. installing ipkg optware packages on Corza
  52. GPL code in Corza?
  53. No images in web interface
  54. howto: Enabling sshd on Corza
  55. Firmware upgrade
  56. TranscodeServer ?
  57. Corza Questions
  58. Software raid just for one partition
  59. Upgrading
  60. Corza FW Upgrade & Shutdown Issues
  61. Corza - Compiled General Info
  62. lost TorrentFlux option
  63. CORZA 2-Bay NAS Venting Posts: Please leave your comments:
  64. Any impute would be a preheated:
  65. USB printer on USB hub
  66. someone share with me the best settings
  67. howto: installing ssh,ipkg,mc,wget,busybox on Patriot Corza NAS in few clicks :)
  68. NAS access from computer
  69. NAS access from computer
  70. Setup Problems
  71. Problems with downloading files from NAS
  72. Bonjour and multiple iTunes clients
  73. AFP Support on Corza?
  74. Requesting file: UPnP.bz2
  75. Set up / "fine tuning" questions
  76. CORZA - skips on movies
  77. How to properly clean up Corza's print server queue
  78. How can I reset corza without setup interface access?
  79. Can't log into folders
  80. Some Questions On Setting Up FTP Server Over Internet
  81. How to get deleted shared folder files ? - Urgent
  82. Very slow disk access when checked with hdparm
  83. Very long format times for Corza?
  84. Read Only Hard Drive
  85. NAS stops responding
  86. Can someone tell me what this means? "GLib-CRITICAL..."
  87. FTP connection refused - Patriot Corza
  88. Does Patriot repair broken Corza-NAS boxes?
  89. Help..
  90. Recommend a replacement for this NAS
  91. How to factory reset...when you can't log in to GUI.
  92. TorrentFlux/BitTorrent client download link?
  93. Raid issues-or not ?
  94. Installing fun_plug on the Corza
  95. How To: installing Transmission torrent client on the Corza
  96. How To: installing NZBGET newsgroups client on the Corza
  97. Corza NAS & Ubuntu
  98. How to Rebuild a RAID1 Array
  99. Does anyone have the v1.51b and UPnP packages?
  100. Looking for latest firmware update/download