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  1. Gearbox NAS SMB and FTP user ( PCNASGB-B )
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  9. Xbox 360
  10. Nice but...
  11. itunes
  12. GearBox lastest firmware 1.27.
  13. Media Server
  14. New Firmware NTFS only Guest user works
  15. unaccesable after update GEARBOX
  16. Firmware 1.27 NTFS Scan Disk Utility not working
  17. Quicktime MOV files will not play
  18. To CJ
  19. FTP Questions
  20. Speed Issue
  21. How to move a directory?
  22. Gear Box on a company network using SharePoint
  23. Share root?
  24. wrong free space
  25. Print Server not working after Firmware Update
  26. Doesn't work after unplugging/replugging drive
  27. error 550 on FTP copy
  28. FAT32 way more stable and fast than NTFS
  29. Cannot access nas with mac's
  30. Problem with streaming MP3 Files
  31. Freezing Gearbox at connecting sleeping HDD
  32. How to format a ext2/ext3 partition
  33. Can't see any peer in BT?
  34. Seeding torrents?
  35. Unplug Hard Drive
  36. Mac Issues
  37. Can I build this network with the gearbox
  38. SMB accessible via guest/no pass but won't accept username w/ password
  39. How do I make it work?
  40. PC access via smb ok but Blurayplayer with streaming funktion not
  41. NTFS support
  42. Multiple hard drives
  43. GB Linux?
  44. Files missing when using SMB
  45. Can't format USB drive
  46. NTFS Firmwire 1.27 format to FAT32
  47. Media server sync with Samsung B650 series TV
  48. Thinking of buying but some questions first
  49. 1.27 firmwire stability
  50. New Firmware 1.3
  51. Did v1.30 fix anything?
  52. version history
  53. printer supported only in 1.30, torrents in 1.27
  54. view folders with Patriot Box Office
  55. HD not formatted printer not recognized on 1.3 FAT32
  56. Found a newer firmware....
  57. Windows7 - samba problem
  58. My gearbox 1.27 ntfs won't support printer
  59. Problem connecting ASUS O!Play to NAS
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  63. Ftp & Ntfs problem
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  65. Can't print
  66. HELP! How do I make the GB work for Mac
  67. GearBox bug?
  68. Cannot connect to NAS - getting IP adress by Java utility
  69. Problems with fat32 device
  70. Cannot reach the gui, please help
  71. Patriot, please hear us
  72. Loosing connection
  73. Bittorent client
  74. FTP dont work on my GearBox
  75. Ext3 support
  76. Accessing GearBox NAS from Linux
  77. No Access Vista
  78. Patriot Gear Box with Canon MP810-printer
  79. Gearbox reset!
  80. Different speed for copy to the Shared Folder and upload via FTP client
  81. All About Patriot NAS (Storage drive implementation)
  82. Anybody got this box working at all?!?
  83. How to modify/patch FW
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  85. Ntfs
  86. USB-Transferred files invisible when using GearBox
  87. PS3 - Gearbox Media Server Connection
  88. New Gearbox Adaptor Not Found
  89. Supported video files/containers
  90. Roku Soundbridge
  91. Vista computername\username logon issue
  92. Loading content on USB HDD connected to GearBox
  93. Gaining console access to the Gearbox
  94. GearBox as webserver?
  95. upnp not working
  96. Please can someneone tell me about BT Downloading
  97. EXT2 or EXT3 Support?
  98. No AC Adapter for Australia
  99. New Gearbox Firmware: 1.33
  100. USB PORT & BT Problem
  101. help needed for password after flash
  102. ZA plug, NTFS, USB 'Security'
  103. Undelete a Partition on the gear Box
  104. Keep loosing connection
  105. Trouble intsalling the driver
  106. UPNP and FTP Not working
  107. Support from Patriot
  108. Printer or more disks
  109. Ddns
  110. alt firmware
  111. Streaming via FTP using VLC
  112. Unable to login. Reset is not working
  113. Windows cannot access \\STORAGE-21FD
  114. Search Disk not finding my HDD
  115. Multiple partition disk
  116. New Patriot GearBox doesn't work well...
  117. 0 songs is found in media server
  118. PCNASGB-W Goes to Sleep?
  119. print error and ntfs
  120. Print Server ISSUEs!!!!!!!!!
  121. What kind of format for HDD is being used?
  122. Help!
  123. cant create a new smb account
  124. Accessing GB through LED-TVs with built-in LAN !!
  125. Can not see existing files on the hard disk
  126. Bittorrent is not working
  127. newbe
  128. Gear Box work with Samsung Printers ML-1675 or CLX-3185?
  129. After a few hours, the device is inaccessible by FTP
  130. Please Help
  131. need help ... Can't keep configuration
  132. Gearbox NAS does not work with HP Officejet g85 printer
  133. Samsung SCX 4300 and HD Packard Bell Carbon 1 TB
  134. How can I stop Gearbox falling off the network??
  135. Anyone still have the Firmware Version R3282-1.56d LOADER32 1.20e W1.31?
  136. Using the Gearbox as a network adapter