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  1. Review?
  2. Patriot Box Office Media Player - couple of question.
  3. Bluray ISO
  4. How do I use BitTorrent on the Patriot Box Office?
  5. My Shortcuts
  6. Patriot Box Office Media Player - Quick User Review
  7. Initial Setup
  8. Sending files wirelessly to Patroit
  9. Loud Fan in Box Office
  10. Cant play avi format movie
  11. Where to download firmware?
  12. N Wireless Adapter
  13. DHCP not ready
  14. russian menu language
  15. Date/Time settings in Box Office
  16. Internal harddrive
  17. Output cutting out for 1-2 seconds intermittently
  18. Audio question reguarding and HDMI
  19. Wireless settings
  20. Problem with new box office audio
  21. Playing DVD ISOs
  22. only 720x480
  23. Menu is a pain to many steps
  24. MKV files freeze Box Office
  25. Media Player Firmware Wishlist
  26. Bt port?
  27. Happy thanksgiving pbo owners and staff
  28. Same player but different name?
  29. Warning - D-Link DIR-615 and PBO Wireless
  30. HD format?
  31. Wireless adapter
  32. Identical player as PBO -> Masscool MP-1371RS
  33. PBO features you might not have known about
  34. remote cannot power on
  35. I'm a noob, please help.
  36. Flac Files stop playing
  37. Can't play select audio channels on DAT format
  38. when will AAC be supported
  39. search function ?
  40. Junk
  41. New firmware update...
  42. Issue With New Firmware
  43. True-HD or Master Audio support for Blu Ray
  44. LPCM (7.1) via HDMI
  45. idx/sub subtitle support in PBO
  46. New Beta Firmware P02 - Connection LOST to Network Share
  47. Wireless Connection Problem
  48. I just bought the box office, but some problem with hdmi
  49. supported picture resolution
  50. Arabic (non-unicode) SRT subtitles
  51. turning off subtitles?!?!?!
  52. data port
  53. How To Disable HDMI Auto detect DPI Function?
  54. Unsupported gmc
  55. How to do this wireless thing...
  56. Unit Won't power Up!
  57. Resolution Auto Detect?
  58. Source Code
  59. Firmware update issues.
  60. How to reset Patriot Box Office?
  61. Does the SATA port work with optical drives?
  62. Please improve network speed
  63. PLA04710S12L Fan Specs?
  64. *.m2ts > 37GB does not show on LAN
  65. .trp and .ts file playback
  66. Remote Issue
  67. Included Software "Transcode Server"
  68. Pixelation on 1080p?
  69. Connecting to a NAS
  70. Can PBO play files located into Video_TS folder on NAS drive?
  71. Possible to Add 1080p 24fps to Video Output or even "source direct"
  72. Flv/mov playback question
  73. a few questions
  74. PBO resolution or screen size issue
  75. FTP Server
  76. Configure for wired network?
  77. No network shares shown
  78. Questions for fan replacement
  79. PBO resolution recognition failure with SONY KDL-40W5500
  80. "popping" sound with hdmi audio
  81. Adding content to PLAYLIST
  82. WMV v8 won't play
  83. Rewind/FForward issue!!!!!!
  84. Slow or Choppy 1080p - is it just me?
  85. NO HDMI Sound - picture perfect
  86. Default network folder access username/password?
  87. 2 POBs on one network?
  88. Star Trek 2009 Blu Ray ISO no sound?
  89. PBO Ad Typo.
  90. Network Caching
  91. Help! Wireless Cannot Connect
  92. No ACC audio for MP4 files
  93. Dealbreaker? Played/tested everything but GUI is horrible
  94. PBO TV Incompatibility issues
  95. General PBO WORKING Setups Thread
  96. Remote Becomes SUPER HOT!!
  97. Losing WiFi
  98. usb ports won't see external hard drive enclosure
  99. Fan sounds like jet engine!
  100. blu-ray ISO menu/ nav require bootcode flash
  101. Play a DVD
  102. Subtitles Turnoff?
  103. Wireless won't connect & HEATS UP HOT!
  104. The left side of my browser menu are cut smaller.
  105. PBO not visible in network
  106. USB Hub
  107. copying files
  108. Choppy/jittery OGM video
  109. Where are the Patriot representatives and where's the next firmware upgrade?
  110. Which HD to Buy
  111. HDMI to Componant for HD??
  112. NTFS vs FAT32 natively on BOX OFFICE HDD
  113. PBO turns on when changing TV channel
  114. USB Printer
  115. missing some video files in browser
  116. no id3 tag
  117. How to hook up wireless with hidden SSID
  118. Standby mode bug with composite out
  119. .trp playback?
  120. how did the replacement fan work for YOU ..?
  121. 1 TB HDD for Internal Storage
  122. intermittent finger pointer showing up
  123. All I Want for Christmas Is a Decent Firmware Release!
  124. Test file for beta firmware
  125. My_Neighbors displays no shares
  126. My USB Drive is plugged in but doesn't read usb stick.
  127. No HDMI video needs to be fixed
  128. Patriot doesn't play DVD iso
  129. Remote does not work
  130. Can't play WMV Files
  131. Problems With My Box Office
  132. PBO as a Samba Server for HDD
  133. SHuffle/Skip to Next Music Track?
  134. Help needed for connecting to NAS
  135. Any patriot staff with FTP for a sample file?
  136. HDMI and Composite
  137. Video distortion
  138. Cant browse the networ or enable Samba
  139. Instructions for connecting to media server
  140. Is the Box Office designed to be basically silent?
  141. How to turn off chapter makers from showing up?
  142. ISO playback froze
  143. Announcement: Wireless N adapter
  144. Issue with External Hard Drive
  145. Newbie with questions
  146. The Aspect Ratio Thread
  147. Random Freezes when left overnight
  148. Will only play 2 songs - then stops
  149. Question/confusion about type of internal hard drive
  150. MPGV Codec
  151. Remote codes - Harmony
  152. Beginners questions....
  153. Greek subtitles
  154. AAC audio support
  155. Any fix yet to the dreaded HDD format issue with the new firmware?
  156. No Samba/BT
  157. Had Patriot Box for a week and need Help
  158. audio data receiver error (too slow)
  159. playing mkv movie file
  160. No signal with 1080p - 1080i and all other works
  161. Basic questions about playing Blu-ray rips on PBO
  162. Seamless looping
  163. simple stutter solution...
  164. BitTorrent issues
  165. Patriot USB Wifi Adapter doesn't fit in back port
  166. TV tuner - USB?
  167. hard drive format warning
  168. Overcropping
  169. Please confirm the USB cable connector that is used to connect PBO to Computer?
  170. UPNP Streaming Server?
  171. Wrong AVCHD video format display/information
  172. Tip of the day: version checker
  173. MKV freeze during playback
  174. Image issues
  175. Screen clipping on SD content
  176. How do you connect your media to the player?
  177. ETA for new firmware?
  178. Where to download firmware
  179. Copy-Moder very slow
  180. Possibility to copy protect Samba-Server in PBO ?
  181. Quick questions and comments.
  182. Trying to understand what my TrueHD and DTS-HD options are.
  183. Issues in playing blu-ray file
  184. Beta Firmware
  185. Choose between stereo or R/L audio
  186. EXT2 file system in external USB drive
  187. Wireless Issues
  188. Invalid file
  189. Network Issues
  190. Browser doesnt list .mov files
  191. WMV9 Advanced Profile
  192. PBO see my network folder but not the sub folder with VOB and ISO files
  193. Help PBO play movies with no sound
  194. "Net User Id" PBO on Winxp
  195. Will the picture quality improve with future firmware update?
  196. Firmware
  197. Newbie: how do I get the files on the PBO.
  198. Folder by date
  199. Items in "Setup" not in manual
  200. Shuffle Play
  201. Blu Ray DTS audio with MKV files
  202. Is it possible to type in Net user id and pwd in PBO?
  203. Box Office sees my PC, can't get past root of drive(s)
  204. What's on the included Box Office CD?
  205. WMA Lossless
  206. Issues Playing Camcorder AVI file.
  207. Im just stumped - wireless networking
  208. automatic audio switching
  209. m2ts files
  210. Optical USB Drives and Gigabit Ethernet
  211. Green artifacts? High pitched squeaks?
  212. Where is PBO serial code located?
  213. Is the Wifi useless?
  214. Installation Problems
  215. Audio Sync via HDMI
  216. PBO and Logitech Harmony 880 remote control issues.
  217. More Questions
  218. PBO stopped working! Help!
  219. PBO firmware version check, where?
  220. Box Office can stream, can't see my XP shares
  221. Universal Remote
  222. new problem
  223. Internet Safty and Password Protection
  224. No BT/Samba after firmware update
  225. File transfer problem help needed
  226. Streaming BluRay ISO starts in arbitrary position
  227. Mp3+g?
  228. pogoplug with PBO
  229. Visualisations ?
  230. External DVD Drive
  231. problem playing MKV files
  232. Unzip the firmware upgrade
  233. Can I share a Mapped Drive via Transcode Server?
  234. Issues after HDD installation
  235. Media Player Proper Zoom
  236. new media player owner trouble with hdmi (help)
  237. Vobsub causing PBO to freeze
  238. Installed version of firmware
  239. 1TB iomega external hdd issue
  240. PBO File system error and slow copy speeds.
  241. Invalid file - anybody else has this problem?
  242. patriot box office good enough as a basic NAS?
  243. Screen Rolls when I turn Box Office on!!!
  244. PBO "date modified" on files
  245. Aspect Ratio
  246. TV Resolution Keeps Going Back to 480p
  247. Problem access D-Link NAS DNS-323 shared folders
  248. install HDD before or after hardware upgrade?
  249. File access problems
  250. Impressions and observations