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  1. Windows 7 Compatability.
  2. Using Box Office in Apple Mac environment
  3. connect to Windows 7 PC w/o login work around.
  4. PBO can't see XP share..
  5. Anyone know of a third party WIFI/WRLS USB stick that works with the Patriot Box?
  6. Network Connection Speeds
  7. Wifi Help
  8. Wired Network Setup Instructions
  9. PBO not shown in Win7!
  10. Is anybody able to mount it as a drive...
  11. Wake On Lan Support?
  12. How do you setup PBO with Windows 7?
  13. Got as far as User ID and Password, can't proceed. Please help?
  14. How to setup bt download?
  15. Sos!
  16. PBO not recognized by PC
  17. PBO with Patriot Wireless USB not working with my Vista Home
  18. Share from Mac?
  19. PBO and MythTV?
  20. Newbie Linux question - Slimserve
  21. Stream PC screen to PBO
  22. Windows 7 networking disconnecting when streaming?
  23. Mac support? HFS
  24. PBO, Ubuntu Server, Vista Laptop: Play Nice & Share, Please.
  25. Compatible Wifi Adapters *Unofficial*
  26. Samba on Mac OSX
  27. POB workaround Time Capsule
  28. FatalError from uPnP
  29. Can't see PC files from PBO
  30. Network Share
  31. Can't access drives on windows 7
  32. Massive Frustration No access to Win 7 PC
  33. shared drives issue/problem
  34. OSX Snow Leopard for streaming video
  35. Streaming issues
  36. Windows 7 Networking
  37. DHCP not ready. Help.
  38. Unable to access PC after P04 fireware update
  39. Issue Connecting to some Media
  40. Macintosh Help
  41. Windows Media Center?
  42. Multiple PBO's on one network
  43. WiFi woes on Verizon AP...
  44. Windows 7 and my PBO - networking issues
  45. How to enable External BD burner 'after' w7 has booted
  46. Is there a Tversity-like program for Mac?
  47. Login Failed for Shared Drive
  48. Mac User's experiences: what works for you?
  49. Help! No share access with AVG installed
  50. Lost access to one of two networked pc's
  51. Windows 7 network Issue
  52. Pleaze help: Connect to Win7 - arrrgh ...
  53. What is the best player on windows 7?
  54. Sharing in Vista
  55. 5 Yrs of hardware support Networking Truths
  56. Win 7 incompatible with PBO ?
  57. anyone using NFS shares.
  58. Newbie needs help to set up this box
  59. PBO Woes - Intermittent Network Connectivity
  60. Wireless/Networking Help Questions ...
  61. Slow wireless/networking/BT?
  62. Networking/wireless help questions
  63. BT?Samba / Neighbour Web Problem
  64. Computer to USB Drives on PBO
  65. POB has wireless IP but can't see network
  66. Copying to PBO over Network errors
  67. Failure to Access Windows Share from PBO Permissions Checks
  68. Machines, but not files / folders
  69. PBO see network / unable to lock on
  70. Slow Streaming Speeds with N Router
  71. Problems with Windows 7
  72. DHCP/Network Issues
  73. Help to Connect to Wifi Networks
  74. Logon info for shared folders
  75. ? about best way to connect to N Router
  76. Bluray ISO Playback over network Tutorial using Ubuntu/Linux server and NFS
  77. Path shortcuts on PBO HDD Empty?
  78. I Keep loosing my shares for optical drives in W7 Ultimate
  79. NFS share will only play ISOs, wont play .jpg, mp3, mp4
  80. Invalid file error - only while streaming - USB ok.
  81. dd-wrt
  82. Transcode Server/Neighbour login
  83. Flakey Network Performance
  84. Ubuntu NFS mount PBO?
  85. My PBO sees my computers but no folders!
  86. Windows 7 Lost Shares and Microsoft 6to4 Adapters
  87. WEP key dilemna
  88. network problem
  89. 1080P MKV over wired network
  90. Folders appearing when browsing, but no files intermittently
  91. My win7 machine stopped seeing PBO
  92. PBO disconnecting from wifi
  93. Is wifi n dongle defective?
  94. Can't setup DHCP on my setup
  95. PBO can't see my computers
  96. bt speed
  97. Choppy Video Using Patiort Wireless Dongle
  98. Invisible/hidden SSID
  99. Rosewill RNX-N100?
  100. Stuck. What is the NET USER ID?
  101. Logging into folders??
  102. How to solve "forgotten" network drives/Win7
  103. Playing a DVD from Media Player into PBO?
  104. Cannot upload more up 1GB file to PBO
  105. back to P02 (from P04) but can not enable samba. why?
  106. Box Office & WD MyBook World Home Network Drive question
  107. torrent without internal HDD
  108. bt torrent won't start on PBO
  109. Help, cannot copy files from PC to PBO
  110. Wireless environment not working
  111. Does PBO support directly playback .avi file from remote PC?
  112. PBO network setup how to?
  113. BT with PBO using Patriot wireless G with firmware P05 and newer
  114. Windows 7 Network Share works!!
  115. Create Port Error? :S
  116. Loosing signal
  117. UPnP server in PBO?
  118. Cannot Access Folder from my NAS , Login Required
  119. mac snow leopard
  120. No shares displayed
  121. Patriot N adapter
  122. PBO BT Client Is A Leech?
  123. there's a day I'll never get back
  124. Patriot N Adaptor not recognized on startup
  125. Connect to router but shared folder not showing up
  126. Attempting to browse network; PBO reboots
  127. wifi adapter not being recognized
  128. Warning: D-Link DIR-615 Poor wireless speed
  129. Do you have Wireless N and not getting more than 54Mb?
  130. Having backslash in remore share's password
  131. Basic question
  132. Help please. I would like to know how to limit the BT upload speed. thank you.
  133. How to browse connected usb drive from PC ?
  134. Help For Mac User
  135. Can't find network shares after upgrade to P61
  136. Problem to connect with a pc
  137. Vista Networking Help
  138. Impossible to acces to my net shares
  139. Networking Problem - Unable to log on
  140. Any one with experience getting Samsung TV DNLA to "see" PBO on a wired network
  141. Streaming 720p and 1080p media slow and choppy
  142. "Delete Fail" over network
  143. Phantom files being displayed over network?
  144. BOXOFFICE,not seeing shared drive
  145. Disabled SSID Broadcast on AP
  146. acer easystoreh340 server and pbo
  147. Wireless Adapter Not Working
  148. Help with Patriot Wireless Dongle?
  149. Wired Connection not working - Help
  150. Lost my MAC address during update
  151. PBO lost connection to network? Can't find Win7 PC
  152. how to turn wireless off?
  153. Networking and streaming from my mac
  154. Need help! Setup network connection!
  155. Logon Fail
  156. Multiple shares in one folder.
  157. Network setup - accessing shared drives
  158. Asus USB-N13
  159. PBO to Win7 no longer working?
  160. upload BT
  161. Streaming HD Video while copying HD videos
  162. Problems with BT, how to access USB drive on network
  163. Slow wireless speed while transfering files
  164. How to hide network shares that my ID doesn't have access to?
  165. Can't see USB drive letter at torrent upload but can see from w/explorer
  166. Wired Network Connection Problems
  167. Is there a way to rename the PBO on the network?
  168. PBO needs an improved Windows share discovery
  169. Help: Wired streaming occasionally freezes
  170. Cant see hdd storage info
  171. torrent dwnloader
  172. Mini Wifi-N Dongle Compatability
  173. Windows 7 -> PBO samba help
  174. Free Patriot USB key + PBO now useless
  175. Wireless set up with Window 7, please help!
  176. Patriot Box but to move files in from a computer more 300mb not probably
  177. PBO Can not see the network
  178. A common theme: cannot get PBO to access files on my Win 7 machine
  179. I can see all media files..except MKV's
  180. Why cannot PBO use external HD for BT download
  181. Connecting to my network using wireless Stick
  182. How to get rid of system folders ie C$ ADMIN$ print$
  183. What is the correct way to lgon using the NET tab?
  184. Help Needed. Some MKV files not showing up through NET
  185. Mac help
  186. How to creat a shortcuts to video folder in pc?
  187. Very slow transfer
  188. Networking/Permissions issues following FW upgrade...HALP!
  189. Need some advice on play 1080P MKV (h.264) over ethernet
  190. what wireless adapter should I buy?
  191. can't connect to network wirelessly
  192. PBO with an unRAID server and shared folders
  193. Networking problem with Transcode server
  194. Help wanted to set up My Shortcuts
  195. Incredibly Slow Connectivity
  196. Can't connect to wireless...
  197. Can't transfer large files
  198. 802.11n trying hard, no luck
  199. Help getting wired network to work
  200. Problems with file copying
  201. How can I hide those $,% folders under shortcuts
  202. Connecting to notebook from PBO
  203. W7 SW for PCB0WAU2-G
  204. Problem seting up wireless with player!
  205. Can see folders, but not files
  206. Can't get PBO torrent software to work
  207. unable to setup wireless network!~
  208. some days is fast, some days slow
  209. Stupid Newbie Question About Two PBO's
  210. network speeds
  211. Hierachy
  212. DLink Media Device Bridge
  213. Router advice n 150 or 300?
  214. Windows VISTA Login Fail
  215. PBO First Impressions: "Logon Fail" Trying To Access NAS SubFolders
  216. Transcode Server cannot find PBO
  217. Network share logon question
  218. A Little Advice Please..
  219. Gigabit Networking
  220. How to turn off wireless? cannot find in stickies
  221. Has anyone tried using pogoplug with the PBO
  222. new owner - Wifi SD MPEG2 Streaming ~4MBps but stuttering?
  223. 404 for Web interface
  224. can not get wired setup working
  225. internal HD is not seen in networking
  226. new to PBO
  227. "play to" feature in Windows Media Player 12 / Win 7
  228. I can only see MP4 and MOV files
  229. Connecting the PBO to my computer wirelessly
  230. pbo bt always fails.
  231. Router IP:, but PBO IP:
  232. Need Help Connecting Wireless - Nubie
  233. network not accessable
  234. Cannot connect in Windows 7
  235. Noob help with network
  236. Wireless problem with shared key password
  237. Can't access files on NAS Drive
  238. Playing off NAS UPNP works yet network stutters??
  239. PBO with Patriot Wireless-N adapter - Connectivity issues
  240. Stream movies
  241. NFS Mapping help to external DNS-323 NAS
  242. Ae1000?
  243. Network sharing suddenly stops working
  244. XP and wireless: Can't see any shared folders
  245. Problems with configuring the Ip-address of my PBO wireless adapter
  246. Can you access the PBO remotely?
  247. PBO won't recognize my iMac server
  248. Help with Net User Id Realtek_guest?
  249. Newbie need help please..
  250. Does PBO work with Rosewill RNX-EasyN1