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  1. PBO - Quick Fan Mod (Part 1)
  2. FTP into the Patriot Box?
  3. Changing port number for BT client
  4. support thumbnail image
  5. Custom Heatsink and Channel Mod
  6. My_Shortcuts - how to add anything?
  7. Password Protect SAMBA Share
  8. Foxeye's USB HDD -> samba share mod
  9. How to access USB storage connected to PBO over network
  10. Force into NTSC or PAL mode
  11. Understand a bit more about what's inside the PBO
  12. Control Box Office via Browser or Telnet
  13. configuring bit torrent for better speed
  14. Changing SMB workgorup and name of unit
  15. Multiple boxes
  16. Easy Way to make quit yout PBO/Fan
  17. Adding SMB shares
  18. Possible to set root password?
  19. Samba Share
  20. PBO "workgroup" name
  21. How to switch the fonts in PBO?
  22. Where can I get a cross compiler for the box?
  23. PBO Cooling Suggestion
  24. PBO GPL Code
  25. USB wont mount
  26. Little help.
  27. Connecting esata enclosure as internal hdd
  28. other firmware on PBO
  29. Internal Connector? Jumper?
  30. Is it possible to check the BT status through Internet?
  31. Will a 3.5" external HD work using sata externder cables?
  32. My take on setup ipkg on box office device
  33. forget the root password
  34. PBO Firmware Audit (contents listing)
  35. Transmission Bittorrent client on PBO (ipkg package)
  36. Can't access PBO via telnet after HDD re-format
  37. Solving format and Samba issues (how-to)
  38. URGENT - I need your inetd.conf
  39. Bootcode update step-by-step process
  40. Firmware 4 and Foxeye's USB HDD -> samba share mod
  41. How to Change the BT-Port with new Firmware?!
  42. Accessing the PBO Linux and USB drives partitions
  43. Is anyone doing NFS mounts to PBO from a Windows PC?
  44. Cannot mount nfs volume (cifs is OK)
  45. P04 - Samba Share problem
  46. PBO - Accidentally modify /etc/fstab and not working now
  47. Here's a Random/Shuffle Playlist Creation Program
  48. 3.5-in SATA internal hdd experiment
  49. Misc Questions
  50. Files missing when mounting NAS share in NFS
  51. SSH to PBO
  52. Question about PBO hardware (PCB)
  53. Bit Torrents do not resume
  54. Unrar Options
  55. Dvdplayer from p02 to p04 ??
  56. Samba problem - can't see USB drive P02
  57. Thanks for the cooling help ... here is another way.
  58. rtorrent tried?
  59. folder shortcuts
  60. How to make your root partition visible under windows network
  61. Installing Optware ipkg (better instructions for Firmware 04)
  62. Bite the Bullet - Bootcode and Firmware upgrade
  63. configsamba through the ages
  64. Remote Controlling the PC
  65. Is there a method to turn OFF HDMI with the unit still on?
  66. Image file extraction
  67. External DVD Player
  68. Is there a way to upgrade samba and btpd?
  69. Custom Firmware Club
  70. Netbios without Samba?
  71. PBO Bootcode Update (TFTPD/LAN Free) Under $6 and Under 666 Seconds
  72. "Cannot allocate memory" on /usr/local/etc
  73. Bootcodes 12, 17, & 19
  74. Can PBO Log?
  75. Different SOC media chips breakdowns
  76. Setting up developement enviroment in 4 "easy" steps
  77. Keyboard Commands for DVDPlayer GUI
  78. JTAG on the PBO
  79. Web Based Remote
  80. RTD1073 Wiki
  81. Someone has got to start it...
  82. Installing PBO firmware on clone
  83. How to access UBS hard disk with mutiple partitions?
  84. Bootcode downloads for update
  85. Busybox different version
  86. An interesting problem after updating to custom fw
  87. Best Hack/Mod Threads/Posts
  88. Is there a Change Log/Release note for BC20
  89. Yamj Aeon on PBO?
  90. Is it possible to "unbrick" a PBO?
  91. what would it take to add usb bluetooth
  92. Someone got XBMC working on Popcorn hour. Port to PBO?
  93. Get access to more Linux command on PBO the easy way.
  94. PBO in cars
  95. Just bought, like, but have a few questions
  96. Optional Firmware?
  97. Request for new drivers
  98. Executable Files on PBO
  99. My Perfect Configuration!
  100. Using a keyboard with the PBO
  101. My PBO isn't being detected in Windows XP/7/Linux to transfer my files.
  102. PBO eJTAG pinout
  103. pbo with nfs+ supports?
  104. Starting PBO with Telnetd without DvdPlayer
  105. gdb-mipsel & gdbserver
  106. WinRAR over network
  107. Questions about Hacks.
  108. Infosite the swiss knife of the PBO / PBRyan
  109. Firmware Emergency Recovery using on-board standby switch
  110. Passive Heatsink Mod
  111. si1verfish's Standby Power Button the PBO should have been born with ..
  112. e-books
  113. Firmware 05, disk and swap
  114. Using an external "internal" HDD
  115. configuration.xml & memory size
  116. Trying to install NDAS drivers
  117. BootCode Update Cable Question ....
  118. The HOSTNAME You Want, Without The Tears
  119. Over serial, hold tab to start rescue kernel
  120. Any GU changes mods?
  121. PBO Bootcode 18 or 20
  122. Web-Terminal
  123. Budget Internal SDD for the PBO for US$20
  124. raid5 supports?
  125. What Happens When I Use The Remote Power Button
  126. Can I make software for the firmware?
  127. Patriot shipping PBOs with bootcode 23 ..
  128. Help please
  129. Bootcode 23 is up
  130. Question About Nokia USB Cable
  131. Torrents with RSS downloader
  132. My PBO isn't being detected by my new television. What can I do?
  133. Name of web based addon???
  134. AutoPlay in PBO ?
  135. SOLVED: rtmp streams?
  136. Moddable P05-IMS-Demo for BC16
  137. Can't live without YouTube Try that!
  138. BT Samba wont turn on after upgrade
  139. Read Only Script?
  140. menu rss shenanigans
  141. A script to manage your Playlist (Thanks to Mikka)
  142. Is there a step by step?
  143. LastButNotLeast's bricked pbo woes
  144. Add Network Shares to Playlists
  145. Anyone can recommend a good firmware for chinese users?
  146. Adding support for RaLink USB Wifi adapters..
  147. What's the easiest way to copy files to /usr/local/bin/image
  148. Needs help with google map rss feed implementation
  149. Editing your Rss weather feed + Canadians Weather feed
  150. P05-IMS-Demo, Turn off video preview buffer?
  151. Modifying the GUI images
  152. total newb questions
  153. Compiling made relatively easy
  154. Give yourself extra linux space the easy way
  155. Invalid magic
  156. BusyBox ftpget
  157. I think I bricked it...
  158. Flash PBO twice as fast with a sw3 button
  159. Realtek SDK 4 - Iconbit HDS52L
  160. DvdPlayer alternative
  161. TViX HD N1 partial firmware files
  162. Experiments in Multiple Dvdplayers
  163. LF mod to add quick link to share to main menu
  164. tviexie2 jukebox not working after update
  165. GPL_1073_release.tgz - Released Oct 2010
  166. RSS video feeds that work on the Patriot box Post here
  167. How to upgrade Mede8er firmware to Eaget M880???
  168. Serial cable for Play!HD or mm-fhdl
  169. see me the serial cord?
  170. Compiling Modules against PBO kernel
  171. Podware, mark russian
  172. Unable to update firmware beyond P04
  173. P61-Beta Megapack bootcode neutral
  174. Semi-Official PBO custom packs ..
  175. Add recently played "bookmarked" files to your All playlist
  176. The usr/local/etc & upgrades
  177. fdisk & hard drive format
  178. Pbo & iptv
  179. Adding metafeeds / metafeeds favorite to the P61 PM firmware
  180. hdpfans 1073dd kernel compilation effort
  181. How do I get a movie database like "Media Browser" on the PBO?
  182. sqlite3, Setup & bookmark.sdb
  183. overwritten /dev/mtdblock/0
  184. You Tube working again without MoServices on P61
  185. p61 Source
  186. Possible brick??
  187. How to make space in /dev/root?
  188. Useful Binaries for the PBO
  189. Newline in files- coverting scripts Windows friendly to Unix friendly and the reverse
  190. How to add More IMS?
  191. Movie Jukebox Help
  192. Drive format issue and solution
  193. Box keep booting showing Box Office logo
  194. YAMJ question
  195. Help on changing the torrent client port
  196. Build Environment
  197. Modifications with little regret
  198. Adding python script support
  199. Changing boot logo
  200. what is [OTG mode] ?
  201. Bricked RTL1073 Player
  202. pc mode connection
  203. New Boot Code, problem flashing latest FW
  204. USB ports dead after firmware update
  205. HornetTek Phantom MP-2020??
  206. Installing Rtorrent + Rutorrent on the PBO
  207. Internal USB flash drive supported?
  208. chroot your way out of squashfs
  209. changing skin
  210. Cleaning up extra icons
  211. Transmission BT Client installation script
  212. Buffer and serial cable
  213. Renaming "My_Shortcuts"
  214. Heatsink and fan mods
  215. BTPD not running
  216. How I hosed my PBO and what I'll do with it now
  217. How to make myiHome work with PBO?
  218. Can't get any SSID Asus USB-N13 with Airport Extreme
  219. firmware / bootcode version from telnet
  220. Losing signal on Internet Radio
  221. Write error:invalid argument
  222. Need help getting started
  223. Restore filesystem to default
  224. PBO Not Seeing Files Written in Windows
  225. Inetrnet Feeds and Beta 9
  226. Howto keep /tmp/www/ folder after power off/on to play MMS?
  227. IPTV on PBO
  228. Can not open media file ?
  229. How to change main menu ?
  230. Need help setting up cross compiler on Ubuntu 10.10
  231. Improved IMS (P61, P70R2)
  232. Is there a rsync binary available for the PBO Core
  233. IR Receiver Pinout
  234. internal hdd content got wiped after rebooting
  235. bricked RTD1283 based media player
  236. Share mounts fail, but network working
  237. FTP or SSH
  238. Convert to pbo
  239. How do I set a static IP for the wireless connection?
  240. Some pointers on medeBO video wall and Linux backend
  241. Patriot Box dead on first use?
  242. All lost
  243. BT with Utorrent?
  244. Edit rss /menu.rss
  245. Adding MMS/RTMP support to the PBO
  246. how to save WPA password on the box?
  247. MedeBO random power down,
  248. Movie Jukebox will not continue play movie
  249. Access to YOUTUBE and other websites
  250. Cannot load USB ports (ohci_hcd and ehci_hcd)