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  1. Patriot Memory Javelin S4
  2. Rooting the Javelin S4 - Freedom For Everyone.
  3. JBOD and Existing Drive Format
  4. Protocol Windows Service Cannot Enable
  5. Automatic Root Enabling Plugin
  6. Compiling additional modules...
  7. Observation about drive formats
  8. Network transfer versus disk to disk transfer question
  9. The first drive compatibility thread
  10. Heavy duty Javelin hacking
  11. BETA Plugin: Video downloader ported to Javelin
  12. Javelin default IP
  13. Hardware and Software Compatibility List.
  14. Any luck with the Logitech Squeezebox Server plug-in?
  15. Default MySQL username and password? (RESOVLED)
  16. Device will not setup (RESOLVED)
  17. Raid 10 ? ISSUES HELP.... (RESOLVED)
  18. Squeezebox Server plugin fails to start
  19. Upgrading the BusyBox binary?
  20. BETA PLUGIN: Transmission Bittorent (2.33-BUILD1)
  21. Javelin Mail Alert with Gmail
  22. Plugins & compatibility .....
  23. Online Backup of S4
  24. How do you setup S4's Jumbo Frame?
  25. Port Forwarding to Javelin
  26. ISCSI and Reset
  27. Dashboard crashing
  28. Can't install Squeezebox Plugin
  29. Bad Network Performance - Is it me?
  30. iSCSI - Why should I use it?
  31. Where is the S2
  32. eSata port on S4 - does it require Port Multiplier support?
  33. wrong screws, not enough screws
  34. GPL software
  35. Backup
  36. Patriot Javelin S4 vs. Promise Smartstor NS4600???
  37. drive stops working
  38. 3TB compatibility and OSX Lion compatibility
  39. How do I restart the Javelin
  40. Access Restrctions by Folder?
  41. Having trouble with Javelin configuration ...
  42. Cannot Access Admin through Browser or Dashboard
  43. Sustained transfer speeds very slow
  44. NEW Javelin problem
  45. ftp folder access for guest
  46. Hard disk compatibility (WD20EARX)
  47. Weird Hummmmmmmm
  48. Regularly Scheduled Power Settings Not Honored
  49. Adding a second volume to Javelin - how to make it visible to network?
  50. Bug: using FTP command-line client exposes signed 32-bit bug
  51. HDD Upgrade
  52. Media File Meta Data
  53. Not happy with my NAS! 4 Bay device.
  54. Bug: Netgear DHCPNACK issues causing SAMBA protocol to hang
  55. Bug: Web interface has inconsistent use of hot spots
  56. Replacement Javelin S4
  57. Can I transfer drives from one Javelin to another?
  58. Javelin S4 - How powerful is it?
  59. High temperature reading on rear panel while unit is off
  60. Script to shutdown the Javelin?
  61. More HDs
  62. Anyone having problems serving up MKV media files?
  63. Slow Transfer Rate
  64. New Device Line
  65. DLNA Server does not persist scan results
  66. How to make another RAID0 disk visible via DLNA
  67. cannot see all the files with Media Player
  68. Email alerts via gmail
  69. Raid5 Array Size Upgrade?
  70. 4 x 4TB drive support? Total of 16TB?
  71. Is it possible to setup a SVN / GIT/ Veracity service on Javelin S4?
  72. ESATA Share
  73. Web Server
  74. Can I start with 2 HDDs in a RAID 1 configuration and upgrade to 4HDDs later?
  75. 95% Full Raid even after file deletion
  76. Need help accessing BETA PLUGIN: Transmission Bittorent (2.33-BUILD1)
  77. Raid 5 crashed. Rebuild failed. How do I start over?
  78. Device Mapping Fail - Javelin S4
  79. How to recreate a guest SAMBA account without a password?
  80. Rooter Plugin Suggestion / Enhancement
  81. Can I remove the pre-installed folders? like "WWW" "Music" "Public"
  82. Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB SATA 6GB/S 3.5IN 12MS 5900RPM 64MB Hard Drive
  83. Sabnzbd and Sickbeard
  84. Is my Javelin defective?
  85. Javelin with Mac OS Extended.
  86. How do I setup the Javelin. New User.
  87. Questions Before Buying
  88. Am I missing something or the System Standby feature of the Javelin is a joke???
  89. Optware on the Javelin S4? Possible? Yes it is!!
  90. OS X Lion - Time Machine - Firmware Update?
  91. Bricked Javelin....
  92. Firefly Media
  93. Any suggestions for learning programming on Javelin S4
  94. Permanent edit smb.conf
  95. javelin S4 FTP default directory
  96. Patriot Support please
  97. Updated Netatalk (timemachine support) Possible...
  98. How to determine what process is running in the Javalin?
  99. Default proftpd.conf
  100. Brand New Javelin won't go to admin in Dashboard or WebPASM
  101. Small question
  102. Running Serviio from my Patriot S4 NAS
  103. Symbolic/Hard Links
  104. Restricting web access
  105. [Help] direct connection to Javelin
  106. Create a share with no password needed
  107. System was shut down abnormally...
  108. SMTP: 554 Message Refused
  109. Can't Login from OSX Lion
  110. Folder Sizes
  111. Why no updates from Patriot???
  112. rtorrent with rutorrent frontend through optware
  113. TIME MACHINE half way...
  114. Please Help
  115. DLNA Server Will not Start
  116. Javelin Update - .v2 (beta) adds: Squeezebox, Itunes, Time Machine etc
  117. how's the new beta?
  118. Service Status Light
  119. Javelin Update - .v2 (beta) AND hard drive standby
  120. Troubles Setting up NAS
  121. USB drive with multiple partitions?
  122. Setting up external ftp access...
  123. Cannot access default folders
  124. Status of Javelin Alternate Firmware and Compiling New Applications
  125. Can't install plugins or firmware
  126. Reset big problem
  127. S4 network problems...
  128. Firmware Development Update? v.2?
  129. Cannot Write To NAS
  130. Unable to connect to Javalin NAS
  131. CVS Server running on a Javelin S4 box
  132. Firefly Server
  133. .v2 Firmware update and Automatic Root Enabling Plugin
  134. New Javeln media server, not sure if its borked or just missing stuff.
  135. Adding Drives??
  136. Javeln configuration questions.
  137. Performance problems
  138. Javelin and a Bittorent client.
  139. NAS Javelin S4 Problems to mount Public Folder on Windows Machines
  140. NAS Javelin S4 compatible with WD Red 3TB WD30EFRX ?
  141. How to read the S.M.A.R.T status ?
  142. Measuring transfer rate
  143. Backup failed - error message, what does it mean?
  144. Maximizing Performance
  145. Question about configure Shares for the Media Server.
  146. How do I move the video, music, picture shares?
  147. How do you re-install the dnla sever
  148. Shares - Auto-Created, New and Deleted
  149. Rebuild raid 5 after enclosure replacement
  150. Does the Javelin support time machine in mountain lion?
  151. Question about compatibility of some HD's (urgent)
  152. Re-boot to see files?
  153. Not Visible after recovery
  154. Downloading torrents
  155. Setting Javelin Workgroup freezes
  156. Adding a spare drive to an existing RAID5 array?
  157. Windows Domain Join fails, sort of.
  158. Multiple filesystems?
  159. RAID Migration Failed
  160. Mounting Javelin remotely
  161. File system contains errors. Please check the file system status. HDs not recognized?
  162. Backup to USB - Firmware v.2
  163. No Volumes in iSCSI Initiator
  164. Trouble connecting as well
  165. Canít boot after firmware upgrade to .v2
  166. javelin s4 100% cpu
  167. Can I turn the blazing blue lights off?
  168. Strange problem with USB/SATA backup settings
  169. My thoughts on Javelin after one week...
  170. Raid 5 rebuild
  171. invisible directory
  172. Web Server issue
  173. File System Contains Errors
  174. How to change admin password such that I can still connect via Network Places?
  175. How come I can connect to another user's folder without entering any credentials?
  176. Random Freezes?
  177. Web Server issues
  178. Memory Usage of Dashboard
  179. DLNA server won't update / Alternative DLNA servers
  180. Offsite Replication
  181. AD integration, groups and quotas
  182. Upgrade memory module?
  183. Connect to Javelin from another Location ~HELP!!!
  184. Disk activity light stays on
  185. 4TB Hitachi Drives are Good in the S4!
  186. Average Network Speed: What are they with v .2 firmware
  187. Is it possible to have 2 servers on 1 switch/network?
  188. New to Javelin S4
  189. Mapping Javelin Drive from Windows 7 - No search results
  190. External FTP Access
  191. Change DLNA video title tag?
  192. Do I Have a Faulty Unit??
  193. S4 Web Admin Interface Gone
  194. No Free Disks...
  195. How to Boot Into Safe Mode
  196. problem with webspam and dashboard
  197. Javelin Dashboard Problems and Drive Configuration - Help!
  198. FTP Service Won't start
  199. test
  200. Roku via Plex?
  201. Cant see DLNA Server on my DLNA certified TV of DVD player
  202. Need help with setting up a RAID JBOD
  203. Mix and match hard drives for raid array
  204. Please help! Javelin wont recognize raid.
  205. Javelin S4 is Slow, Slow, Slow - Video & audio choppy
  206. Not Enough Memory Error - yet lots of space on NAS / Drive
  207. Dropped connections in Windows 7
  208. Replacing the power supply in the Javelin S4?
  209. Streaming Over WAN
  210. NIC - no longer connecting at 1000 only 100
  211. From RAID 1 to RAID 10
  212. Permission Problem on Folders
  213. 5x3 TB Drives
  214. Accidental deleted all movies in a folder
  215. Disk utilities
  216. Apple MacBook Pro - VERY SLOW file transfers
  217. Help
  218. New to forum; suspicious drive failures; don't know what to check
  219. How to increase the total capacity after the raid 5 migration?
  220. Javelin UPS?
  221. .RECYCLER folder question
  222. Is my power supply dead?
  223. 1 day after upgrading to 02.01.4000.22 and my VOLUME 1 is offline
  224. All-in-one with scanner function via S4?
  225. Javelin S4 broken: Recover data from disks
  226. Questions About the S4
  227. Expand S4 Storage beyond 4 drives
  228. backing up from one HDD to another in s4 (not RAID)
  229. NAS beeps constantly and randomly
  230. Windows share turns itself off, can't turn it back on except shutdown for a while
  231. Rebuild of Raid 10
  232. Red Status Light
  233. Fix for Javelin NAS corrupted smb.conf in NVRAM causing SMB to not start
  234. Lost Data (old directory structure) on Reset
  235. NV Storage
  236. Lost www service
  237. Torrent Client Not Working
  238. Javelin NAS casing running hot
  239. Javelin - End of Life
  240. Javelin Media Server DLNA problems.
  241. Updating Busybox
  242. Where to look for logs (with rooter plugin)
  243. Another Patriot Javelin S4 Failure - possible to migrate to linux raid / mdadm ?!
  244. How do add a DLAN folder !! ??
  245. BitTorrent folders. Where are they?
  246. PatriotMemory.com website not operational - no support available
  247. Uploads to Javelin is beyond slow only on one PC
  248. 500 internal error How to access DATA ?
  249. Javelin s4 does not restart
  250. Rebuild failed after one of the disk failed.