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  1. Patriot PBO Alpine review!
  2. What happened to the Player you showcased?
  3. Finding apk application for your PBO Alpine (stock firmware)
  4. Ouch...
  5. "Out of Memory" Error with new PBO Alpine
  6. Bitstream (Audio Setting - Raw Data) Issues???
  7. NetFlix Canada?
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  9. PBO Alpine/LG LCD Screen Blanks Every Few Minutes
  10. PBO Alpine Matrix Alpha Firmware
  11. AV out port not working
  12. cannot install flash player 10.1 and above
  13. PPS and PPTV playback.
  14. MKV Playback
  15. Patriot Alpine APK Apps that work
  16. How to Install Alpine apps to SD card instead of system
  17. problem with SDMove and App_2_SD_Pro on Alpine
  18. PBO upgrade path info
  19. Current bugs and next firmware release
  20. Does the old Core remote work with the Alpine ?
  21. 24 Hz Video?
  22. 3TB support via usb?
  23. Audio out jack only sending one channel
  24. PBO Alpine Audio Video Output Connector Possible issue + fix
  25. .MP4 playing problems
  26. Feature Requests
  27. Installing Pandora?
  28. How to set up the ims
  29. Audio issues - HDMI, Network Shares
  30. UI / function question - time remain / elapsed indicator?
  31. Use with a VPN and HULU ?
  32. Laggy browser and apk applications
  33. Network shares and video file listing
  34. Nothing plays now. Requires a forced close.
  35. rtsp feeds on alpine
  36. Question about Digital Audio and Alpine remote
  37. Harmony remote
  38. Command icon not disapearing
  39. PBO Alpine does not see *.xvid files
  40. Quick question about ISO file format.
  41. Subtitles
  42. How to identify firmware version on the PBO Alpine
  43. Pbo Alpine Reivew
  44. How to watch Chinese TV on Alpine
  45. Question on audio capabilities
  46. Is it possible?
  47. XBMC For Android!
  48. Running alternative firmware on the PBO Alpine ???
  49. SD Card Choices
  50. PBO Alpine Personal Opinions (Rant, Praise, likes and dislikes etc....)
  51. Modded VideoPlayer app to provide full title of videos
  52. How can I download apk files from Google Play?
  53. h.264 10bit encoding & styled subtitles (SSA/ASS format)
  54. Date and Time not saved on Player Shut Down
  55. parse error
  56. Running YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) on the PBO Alpine
  57. email lists for new firmware notifications?
  58. play logo stays on screen after resume
  59. Missing Features that I hope will be added in future firmware releases
  60. unicode subtitle and 3tb usb drive support
  61. shut down PBO Alpine with keyboard
  62. PBO Alpine stuck booting - how to recover
  63. Youtube not working (Now Fix)
  64. Firmware Removed from Support Page (FIXED)
  65. Using Web interface instead of remote
  66. Italian translation errors
  67. Editing Browser Bookmarks through the File System
  68. Cable? Pinout?
  69. Harmony Remote setup
  70. Subtitle issue.
  71. PS3 vs. Alpine... Image quality
  72. XBMC on alpine?
  73. Is there any way to load playlist?
  74. New firmware 3.0
  75. Dear Patriot
  76. Format HDD command ??
  77. How to delete a bookmark
  78. 9 Months since first firmware release...happy xmas to all Patriot staff
  79. Autostarting an Application, ie. Web Browser
  80. Autostart applications after power-up ( ie. web browser)
  81. Youtub not working in Firmware 3.0
  82. Audio not workin
  83. Firmware
  84. Overclocking
  85. z4root frozen when configuring permanent root on 3.0
  86. how to view chinese tv content
  87. Unable to flash anything but offical firmware
  88. NO SOUND when playing video filese - new PBO Alpine with firmware 3.0!
  89. Broken Youtube Fix
  90. PBO Alpine - How to delete a file under Videos & how to exit Out of displa once press
  91. Youtube not working
  92. error occured during watching video
  93. It was a rainy day...
  94. pbo alpine
  95. Firmware 3.0 changelog
  96. early February 2013 Update
  97. Keep PBO settings after power off
  98. PBO Alpine stuck on "Searching for network shares. . ."
  99. PBO Alpine Android based software development
  100. Alpine Firmware development ended with 3.0 version
  101. PBO Alpine Market App
  102. "Enable Media Database" option and "play logo stays on screen" bug (again!)
  103. PBO Movie Jukebox / MovieWall
  104. No subtitles through UPNP
  105. Subtitles - player does not read Poilsh characters
  106. WD Portable 1TB USB 3.0 issue
  107. Unable to sync patriot to HDD filled with large subdirectorie of 5k folders 55k mp3's
  108. Release android source code?
  109. Patriot please do something for your customers!!!
  110. My PBO core died, heard of Alpine and you all seem to hate it. Why?
  111. PBO Alpine Help! Not finding some files from external HD
  112. Help with internet IPTV