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  1. Windows XP Can't Read 2GB SD Card
  2. Patriot XT Boost vs Signature
  3. Driver for Windows98SE. Help me!
  4. PEF2GSD 2GB SD Card Troubles
  5. Difference
  6. Secure Digital
  7. Lock program
  8. SD Flash and Linux?
  9. mini sd speed
  10. 2gb usb flash drive
  11. Need Application
  12. Single Drive on PSF1GUSB
  13. PSF4GUSB unformatted
  14. PSF4GUSB help
  15. Can not format my 2GB SD Flash Card in my Digital Camera anymore - solved problem!!! see post below
  16. write speed of Patriot Extreme Performance 1GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media Model PEF1G133SD
  17. Linux w/ 1G Xporter ( PSF1GUSB )
  18. PSF512USB no longer works
  19. space on XPORTER XT
  20. Patriot Xporter XT
  21. I search User Guide
  22. "e;Insert Disk Error"e; w/Patriot Signature Flash 4GB USB
  23. Driver instalation
  24. PSF4GUSB Flash Drive only Works in USB1.1 mode
  25. PEF4GSD 4GB SD Card Troubles
  26. Xporter Xt 2GB Failures
  27. PATRIOT X-PORTER 200X ???????????????
  28. Patriot Xporter XT 2 GB - problem after converting to NTFS
  29. Patriot X-Porter 13MB/s Only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Micro SD adapters do not work
  31. PSF2GUSB password security...
  32. XporterXT 2gb problems
  33. 16GB Class 6 SDHC
  34. Xporter Xt 2GB - Write Protected, Read Only
  35. 4GB Xporter not working anymore in Vista?
  36. USB Disk pro can't identify the capacity of flash
  37. Patriot USB Memory problem on the security program
  38. Patriot USB Memory problem on the security program
  39. PSF4GUSB 4GB USB drive - Password ability
  40. secure digital for ready boost
  42. problème avec ma clé usb patriot 4go
  43. defective flash card?
  44. hp6315
  45. Problem with flash
  46. USB Xporter 4GB wrong driver?
  47. Windows XP does not recognize my Patriot XT 4GB
  48. (ReadyBoost & USB Flash) XT Boost 4g NOT readyboost enhanced
  49. XPorter XT 8G Ready Boost not fast enough
  50. Xporter 16GB Format In NTFS?
  51. 4GB Micro SD Memory Issues
  52. readyboost, not working anymore
  53. How fast is Writespeed on 32Gbyte Xporter USB Stick ?
  54. 8gb xporter format problems
  55. 8gb xporter problems
  56. XPORTER XT 16GB problem
  57. Xporter 8Gb Problem
  58. Xporter 8Gb Problem
  59. 2gb x-mini
  60. 8MB X-Porter
  61. 2GB SD problem
  62. PSF4GMUSB unknown device on XP sp2
  63. Camera Memory Card
  64. 1 GB Micro SD not working in Wii, unable to be formatted
  65. Win XP not giving a Drive Letter to my 4gb Xporter XT
  66. Patriot XT 4GB Solid Red Light Can't Format
  67. XporterXT16GB - NTFS
  68. When PVS22G6400XLK will be avaible?
  69. USB - X-MINI 8GB - Led disable ?
  70. Xporter 16gb/32gb
  71. USB x-mini
  72. Xporter 8gb Write Protected error
  73. Serial Number 16GB xporter
  74. Micro SD 2GB Memory for Cell Phone
  75. Xporter XT 2GB problem
  76. Problem with Write Protect in 4 gb USB drive
  77. A Question About The Patriot Extreme Performance Flash Drives.
  78. Issue With USB Drive.
  79. Patriot XT 16GB Extremely Slow
  80. xporter 4gb hardware install problem
  81. 2 gb micro SD
  82. Patriot Razzo 8GB - PSF8GRUSB - Need HELP!
  83. Product Specifications Needed.
  84. new micro SD 2G vs Dell laptop Inspiron 6000
  85. Trouble formatting with Vista
  86. Cannot read video scene on the 8G class 6 SDHC card
  87. 32Gig USB Xporter XT not recognized by Windows XP home SP3
  88. what do I use? Fat32 or NTFS for Vista?
  89. Bootable USB Flash Drive
  90. win 98
  91. 32GB Xporter can't copy very large files
  92. 64 gig ssd will does not always post in bios
  93. Xporter XT BOOST 8G
  94. 4gb XT Flash Drive - recognizes only 2gb
  95. Xporter XT 8GB -- Need Help
  96. Low write speed after format XPORTERXT 16gb
  98. Xt Exporter 8GB
  99. USB Disk Pro ultilty wont work on 8GB exporter
  100. Windows xp SP3 wont find drivers for patriot xporter xt
  101. PEF4G200USB Write-Protected
  102. Disk Pro Support for 16GB Patriot XT
  103. 4GB XT Boost Problems
  104. Problems with 4GB xporter xt
  105. Need help with an 8gb Micro SD
  107. Patriot XT 8Gb
  108. Patriot XT 8GB Writing Speed Problem
  110. using xporter xt
  111. Need Low Level Program
  112. Xporter XT "please insert Disk" error
  113. Low Level Format Tool: Write-Protected USB (Read First Post on Pg1 before replying!)
  114. Low Level Format Tool with SDHC
  115. Micro sd not recognized
  116. USB: Large Files Transfer need conversion to NTFS
  117. Patriot 8G sdhc class 6 write speed?
  118. Password Protect Patriot XT
  119. X 8 gig will not work on windows XP
  120. How do you make memory card writable?
  121. 16gig Xporter crapped out...Patriot won't help
  122. How do I turn the write protection off?
  123. Partitioning flash memory?
  124. PEF32GUSB Freeze
  125. Patriot 16gb class6 does not work
  126. 16GB Patriot class 6 SDHC not recognized under XP sp3
  127. Partition for FAT32 and NTFS
  128. do not get auto play screen to speed up vista ready boost
  129. Pef16gusb
  130. Folder is missing?
  131. Defragmenting Patriot Flash Drives
  132. Making a bootable 32gb expoter for windows installation
  133. 16GB Xporter XT Boost works slower!
  134. xt patriot 16gb
  135. Xporter XT 4GB
  136. Patriot XT 32GB/WIN XP
  137. xporter magnum 64 gb formatting problem
  138. Patriot Magnum 64 GB - Reformat from NTFS to FAT32
  139. XT in Readyboost No Drive Letter on Reboot.
  140. Patriot XT & ext4
  141. PEF16GUSB - Unknown peripheral
  142. Patriot Xporter XT 16GB incompatible with Car CD Receiver?
  143. Xporter XT 16gb problem?
  144. Drivers for X-Mini 8gb
  145. Patriot Xporter 64gig Partitioning
  146. Umm..Could someone reply to my support message?
  147. need help dont no how to use
  148. X-mini 8G not accessable
  149. Patriot Xporter XT 8GB Denied?
  150. Set Xporter XT Boost 4gb as virtual memory
  151. xporter thumbdrive capacity question
  152. Magnum 64GB - freezes laptop in Windows Explorer (XP)
  153. Problems with Xporter XT 4GB - "Removable Drive"
  154. Low write speed after format XPORTERXT 32GB
  155. Patriot Magnum 64 GB
  156. Xporter 8gb Format Probelm
  157. Flash Autorun
  158. Xporter XT Write Cycle Specification?
  159. No bootable partition in table?
  160. XPorterXT 4GB code 10 in Device manager
  161. Bootable?
  162. Xporter XT 32GB
  163. Patriot 64 GB low read / write - is my device defective?
  164. Speed of Xporter XT Boost 32gb.
  165. USB right protected problem!!!!
  166. USB Write Protected
  167. Can not use card reader to read/write SDHC
  168. USB Disk Pro tool
  169. why the patriot 8GB flash so slow 7mb's
  170. how fast is 8gb razzor spose to be
  171. Patriot Xporter xt 32GB 200x - averange speed
  172. after formating the speed was down Xporter 32 gb
  173. Major prob with X-mini 8gb
  174. Slow Write/Read Speeds 64GB Magnum Xporter
  175. Patriot Xporter XT 16GB - Damaged Blocks
  176. Patriot Magnum 64gb formatting
  177. USB Flash Drive Going Wacky?
  178. Magnum 64gb - W7 - Too slow for Readyboost
  179. Patriot XPorter XT Boost 16GB Not Recognized
  180. a.exe, autorun.inf and TROJ-GEN files
  181. Need low-level format tool
  182. Hi Patriot_Ben, could you pelase send low-level format tool again?
  183. Patriot XT 8Gb is dead
  184. I need Windows 98SE drivers for RAZZO 8GB
  185. Patriot XT 16GB Stopped Responding
  186. Troubleshooting for Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8GB Flash Drive
  187. Xporter XT 32GB no driver installed in XP
  188. Patriot XT 16GB No longer Detected
  189. PC no longer recognizing Patriot flash
  190. Windows 7 WPD enhanced security device
  191. Patriot XT 8 GB slows down >3 GB full
  192. I get error msg Saying file is too big
  193. patriot xt 8gb 200x writing slow
  194. XT 8GB Windows 7 Driver
  195. USB 8GB XT Dead After a Week
  196. Making a flash drive bootable with NTFS
  197. Patriot 8GB sdhc Classic 6
  198. Patriot 16gb sdhc "card locked" error
  199. Not Ready Boost Capable
  200. Transfer content from old to new memory card Post
  201. Patriot 8GB XT
  202. Patriot Xporter 16GB Issue
  203. Patriot Xporter 16GB - Slow Transfer
  204. 8GB Patriot to 200MB
  205. Patriot xt 16gb stick - VERY slow write speed
  206. 16GB Patriot become 200mb
  207. Patriot Razzo 32GB - Multi Partition
  208. 64bit -Quad compatability
  209. Removable Media Bit on Magnum 64GB
  210. 16GB Xporter Will Not Mount on 1 Computer???
  211. Patriot Extreme Performance 8GB Xporter XT Boost Slow speed
  212. dead 8gb xporter
  213. missing ext4 space with Xporter 64GB on Linux
  214. Really need the flash formatter
  215. My flashdirve is broken!!!
  216. Xporter 16GB - Can't Read Superblock
  217. 16GB Patriot XT Boost is now at 200mb
  218. Slow Speeds/Cannot Format
  219. Computer doesn't show micro sdhc card
  220. Formatting Patriot Xporter Magnum 64GB
  221. Driver for 8GB memory stick
  222. Flip Removeable Media Bit for XPorter Magnum 64GB
  223. 16GB Class 6 card stopped responding
  224. Need to transfer 7.43gb!!!
  225. 8gb patriot XT dead on arrival
  226. XPORTER 8 GB Flash USB Drive
  227. Magnum 64gb Mac & Windows Fat32 NTFS compatibility questions
  228. patriot 32gb xt - parttioning
  229. Only recognize XT 8gb on startup
  230. 16GB Patriot XT showing as 200MB
  231. 8GB Xporter XT hangs system, already RMA'd 1 Xporter
  232. Xporter broke?
  233. Patriot Xporter XT Boost 180x-16Go
  234. Read/Write Speeds for Patriot xPorter?
  235. Bootable Xporter XT with 64KB cluster size
  236. Patriot XT16gb 200X
  237. Xporter Magnum 64 GB - Slow write speeds...
  238. Xporter XT Boost 32 GB - Slow write speeds...
  239. HOWTO: Increase write speed by 'aligning' FAT32
  240. Patriot LX 16GB Class 10, what speeds to expect?
  241. 4G XT Drive briefly works...then it doesn't.
  242. Patriot 4Gb Memory (usb)
  243. Patriot 16gb xt slow read speed?
  244. 4GB SD SPI mode
  245. Encrypting Files
  246. all size xporter xt stopped working
  247. 32GB Patriot to 200MB!
  248. Patriot XT 16gb: How do i format to NTFS while retaining speed?
  249. Firmware update for PSF32GSDHC10-PC?
  250. Low Level Format tool needed / Vista