View Full Version : Patriot forum could use better masthead

08-11-2010, 06:08 AM
Not to be a complainer here, but the artwork on the forums is kind of a missed opportunity. It's got this wave thing with computer keys? Pretty generic for such an exciting company as Patriot.

Like someone said, "Oh it's for computers? Just put this picture of a computer keyboard on there. That's high-tech."

The main complaint I have about it is the masthead is like 3.5" tall because of that graphic. On my laptop display, every page load, I have to scroll down to even begin reading a post. Would be nice to salvage some of that screen space at the top so the post would already be somewhat on my screen on the load.


I shudder to imagine what it's like browsing the forum on a netbook with a 10" display... Working the scroll bar like mad, I suppose.