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    Hi can you please help me with my RMA? I made a thread about my situation in your RMA forums and still haven't received any responses. I'd love a number to call or an email address that will respond to my situation. I've seen you help other members out in the past and am hoping you can push things forward here for me.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Patriot_Ben: I am new to the forum, and my question has been in a previous thread. I recently installed 24Gb Viper II Sector 7 DDR3 1600 memory in my system, which is an i7 930 CPU on a Gigabyte X58-UDR3 mobo. If I use the XMP profile, only 12 GB is usable. If I manually set the frequency to 1333, only 16 Gb is useable. At 1066, all 24 Gb are useable. Additionally, when there is less than 24 Gb useable, it is Channel B that is affected.

    1) There were 2 packs of 3 4Gb modules. Should the modules in each pack be placed in the same slot of each channel?

    2) Assuming that it does not matter which modules are in which channel and slot, how do I get my system to recognize all 24 Gb at 1600 MHz, or is the trade off quantity of memory for speed?

    Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Please note that I was previously using 12 Gb (6 x 2GB) of Corsair Dominator memory, and had no issues.

    David S. Naden
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    Patriot_Ben, could you ask if my e-mail was read ?
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    Thanks for the follow up Ben.
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    Are U a Moderator?
    I have a Problem!
    I have registered last week as "16V" and since today no Email for verification arrived!
    Now i used a new Username and an other E-Mail Adress and it worked!
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    Hi, new to this forum and PBO. My unit works fine, looking to update the box and notice that I have to be careful of which update to install. Can you point me to the right update for my box. Current firmware info: P0020BC18-61, Bootup 27, Kernel Rev 323634, Bootcode 0000.0202.0027

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    Thank you for the e-mail address of the Patriot RMA person. I had not intended RMAing over one badly drilled mounting hole.

    But I have contacted him for assistance because of another far more serious problem with the drive. The difficulty though is that I am in Australia, and the drive had been returned to the dealer I bought it from, they say they can can find no fault, but when I try to use it again it shows the same problem.

    The problem is that while I can install Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on it, and the PC boots off it and runs, if I take the SSD out of the PC for any more than a number of hours, and put it back in, when I try to boot Windows won't boot. It throws up an error during the boot process saying it needs repair. When restored back to the last restore point it again works properly. But if taken out of the PC again and left for more than a few hours the exact same problem repeats.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.
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    hi are u hare?
    i have big problem
    last night i updated pbo with wrong update and it ddnt started after that
    what can i do
    help me plz????
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    Hey, Ben. Sorry to bug you but I posted quite a bit more info, which seems to point to the memory showing up incorrectly in the BIOS. Would you be able to take a look at my posts?
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