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Thread: 3TB drive only shows as 2TB

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    Default 3TB drive only shows as 2TB

    Is there any way to get the NAS to recognize my 3TB drive I have formatted it as ext2 and it only shows as a 2TB.


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    That would be correct. And unfortunately that is a function and limitation of the Linux Kernel version that is used for the build. The drives will work but will be have a upper limit of 2TB of accessible storage space. You do have a couple of options...... you could use them as 2TB drives, although you will not get the usable storage space you hoped for, you would have 1TB of space for the drives to relocate Bad Sectors too. They would never die due to media failure. The Second and the Holy Grail for everyone here, is you could recompile the code (patriot did post a copy HERE , include the latest kernel that does not have the 2TB limit. Now this is the part that will make you a Legend to us mere mortals.... over flash, and/or get a working boot-loader with the current Locked Ram Hardware to run the new code. People have come close,but no one come up with a Clean procedure that works everytime. There is one last option... my personal favourite...... I have 3 - 2TB drives that I'll trade you for.........

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