Sort of in a pinch here.
I have the Valkyrie NAS and in the attempt to create a backup USB disk I navigated to the disk configuration page and with the USB selected attempted to format the USB drive. Well I realized that this does not format the USB like the UI leads on, it formats the RAID.
So I lost all the data on my raid. Or so it appears.
I had a RAID 1 (mirrored) or 2 2TB drives. The raid was previously setup as EXT3. The format reconfigured the RAID as fat32.
Now here is where I am at. After the format I removed the drives before it resync the array which is started to do as soon as the format was complete.
I now have the two drives removed and have been trying to scan them with Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery tool. This sees the EXT3 partition as intact but also sees the fat32 as intact of course. I believe that the format only damaged the MBR. But recovery is not seeing 90% of the files that were on the drive.
My main question is that do I need to re-install the drives in the NAS and run the recovery tool with the raid intact, or as I started to do, can the individual drives be looked separately just plugged into a pc?

Sorry for the basic questions but I am trying not to loose all my data.

Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome