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Thread: 3D Playback?

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    Default 3D Playback?

    Hello All,
    I'm brand new to this forum and due to the limited characters (3D) associated to my question, thought I jump in and say Hi to everyone and ask if there are any threads I can be pointed toward with regards 3D playback capability.

    My Challenge:
    Play 3D movies on my Patriot

    My Configuration:
    I've got my PBO with latest rev P70R2, set for 1080P and True HD settings, HDMI and Optical Audio connected to a Mitsubishi DLP with 3D emitter and NXG Technology NX-3DGR Active Shutter glasses for viewing.
    Playing 3D movie in MKV format, but getting the side by side two screens. I would have expected more of an overlap on the playback.

    Additional Details:
    According to Mitsubishi guide, the playback unit must be 1080P 60Hz. Source unit has 3D settings set for on in the Mitsubishi for the Patriot.

    Any direction would be appreciated by this newb!

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    Default 3D Playback does work!

    I'm so surprised no one has had any feedback at all to provide in all this time, but self discovery can be a rewarding journey.
    Tech Support replied back they had nothing to provide in way of knowledge of operation, but that's okay.

    I would like to report back that I'm successfully watching 3D!!
    Turned out to be issue with television that was classified as 3D-Ready, which requires an adapter to convert signal correctly. My new Mitsubishi 73" with 3D does not require adapter. I'm using IR emitter with Active Glasses. There is so much 3D content in the torrents, I'll be downloading for days. File sizes have ranged from 700K to almost 15GB.

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