Just bought this PBO Alpine from Frys and also have the Patriot wireless N adaptor. The PBO seemed to play media files well compared to my Seagate FAT+ media player and my WD TV Live player. And with a much better price compared to what I paid for the others years ago. Then I upgraded to the latest release 3.0 firmware. First I noticed was that it now takes more than twice as long to boot up than before, much longer than my Seagate and WD unit. No difference in media files playing. Then I tried using the internet feature through the Patriot wireless N adaptor, connected with no problem. However the Google interface is extremely slow on the Androd system, not responsive enough to be worthwhile to do anything. USB mouse works but very slow in movement. USB keyboard doesn't seem to work probably because it takes too long to respond. Then I tried to connect to youtube. It works. But majority of the files will not play and the Android app reported to quit unexpectedly. Some youtube files do play good when they play. Youtube seems to be the only app available in the new firmware. Still has a lot of bugs to work out as it seems.
Overall, even though the internet feature is not quite there, the media playing ability which I use is well worth the money spent to get another one in case my Seagate or WD players quit. Great price at Frys this week.