I own both the original CORE as well as the newer Alpine version.
I had thought that the Alpine would be a good upgrade to the 2+ year old original CORE that I had owned but after purchasing it and with some usage experience, I was not overly pleased with the PBO Alpine performance (and limitations thereof).
Specifically, the PBO/Alpine is:
*very slow and not responsive to commands,
*does not allow fast-forward nor rewind,
*the Android capability is laughable at best
*the larger RemoteControl (RC) does not allow quick scrolling,
*the business card RC does not turn on the unit
*the internet browsing capabilities are pathtetic, even if/when it recognizes a USB keyboard on a good day.
*the video intermittently freezes if a movie is paused,
Running out of patience with this PBO/Alpine, I came to these forums searching for answers, only to find out other members are more displeased with this unit then myself!
As a last resort, I attempted to use my Windows7/8 media streaming (DLNA/UPnP) software Mezzmo made by Conceiva for pushing content to the PBO/Alpine over my home network. I had some initial issues doing so. Thus, I contacted the good folks at Mezzmo forums to make a custom driver for the PBO/Alpine. Within a week, they provided me with driver for the PBO/Alpine that worked and enabled me to view all my content (Music/Movies) that are stored in a dedicated NAS (connected to my Windows7/8 PC). Unfortunately, I still was not satisfied with the performance of the PBO/Alpine, since it was like putting lipstick on the proverbial pig's lips.
I stripped out the PBO/Alpine from my A/V entertainment system (in the adjacent room) and put the old PBO-CORE back into operation.
Since there were no Mezzmo-specific drivers for the PBO-CORE, I used Mezzmo-Xtreamer driver as a substitute. To my amazement. my PBO-Core is now fully operational , via the UPnP connectivity, while I am waiting for Conceiva/Mezzmo to make a custom driver for the PBO-CORE.
I fully know that the ConceivaMezzmo is an additional $30USD expense but it is a good investment, since it also services almost all hardware/devices on the market and does many MediaServer duties besides just streaming.
IMHO, PBO-CORE with Mezzmo is a great combination and now I have a second R/C from the mothballed PVO/Alpine, so we have peace and harmony in the house.
No, I don't work for Conceiva but XBMC just is/was not an option for me.