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Wow !!! Ok this is definitely an issue with your player since I do not have such problem over here. It could be hardware related but I very much doubt it; I think that somehow an area of the flash memory has been corrupted that a firmware update does not replace. That being said if your flash memory is bad for certain memory location it is somewhat possible to create this problem and then we are talking about hardware issue.

I can not think of anyway that would totally clear your flash memory and start back with a clear slate on this device. Running the "masterclear" possibly but not sure. If you find adb a little too intimidating you could try this app: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15169815/And...ultimate-1.apk and enable the telnet server. You then might be able to connect to the PBO using telnet and issue the masterclear command and see if that helps.

Other than that I really do not know what else you could try. I could try to cook up an app that will run that command "materclear" with a click of a button if you want. Unfortunately I still believe that this is the command that is actually ran when you click reset to default in the setting menu ??? But not 100% sure.

That masterclear saved my PBO once before when for some reason it just would not boot up .... the line in the middle of the screen would scroll left to right for hours with nothing happening. I then managed to connect the PBO using a USB to serial interface connected inside the PBO to get access to the terminal. I was then able to issue the masterclear command and the PBO finally boot up properly.

Let me know if telnet is still too itimidating for you and I'll see what I can do about creating an app for you.

Actually, I've already tried the masterclear command using adb through my local lan and directly connecting the patriot to my pc via ethernet, but with no luck (I've posted about it several days ago; 10-3-2013). Downgraded/Upgraded firmware: no luck.

Basically, the OSD "retains" the last command I've used: play after pause is probably the most used function for a media player so it came out immediately, but I'm pretty sure that users that reported this bug simply weren't aware of this "all-function all-spread osd mega bug"; maybe I'm wrong but since I was not the only one with this problem (similar 99,99%) I'm not very enthusiastic for this so-called solution (aka RMA) from Patriot.

As I have posted several weeks ago, I've used the "reset default option" with success once, but after few days the problem occurred again.

After all, with this type of support and customer care that Patriot showed us with the Alpine, I don't trust them anymore.