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Thread: reflash PBO firmware from Medebo

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    Default reflash PBO firmware from Medebo

    hi everyone. i flashed my PBO with MedeBO, but had a few connection problems, so i decided to flash back to original firmware. i flashed it back to P02, but was wondering if i can flash all the updates from there or do i have to do something else since for bootcode it shows 0000.0202.0020
    the PBO isn't/wasn't bricked, and in P02 it won't play all the file types i have. thank you.

    * okay, i see now Bootup 20, which i think means the Bootcode, so i guess i'm good to go, right? can i go right to P70 or do i start at P4 and progress?

    * never mind, tried it and it worked.
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    i love it when people answer their own question ..... .


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