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Thread: No subtitles through UPNP

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    Default No subtitles through UPNP

    Major dealbreaker for me.

    I could live without fancy new options and support, but what's written on the box must work.

    On both firmwares I've tried (original and 3.0) subtitles are not recognized when video is played from upnp media server.
    Different formats (sub , srt) tried - not working thorugh upnp but working from usb and network share.

    Did anyone come accross this problem and is there workaround/fix for it?
    (besides watching only from usb)

    Are subtitles from upnp working for you?
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    This won't work using UPNP server because the server only serves the video file that you asked for the other files srt/sub are not accessible nor being served. UPNP server do not work the same way as file sharing slike samba and others where all the files are available given the proper authorization of course.


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    Snappy46, thanks for the reply. Still, great box for good price, while waiting for time to buy dlna Tv
    Everything works out of the box via network share.
    Still didn't find any option that I need and it isn't there...

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