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Thread: Javelin S4 broken: Recover data from disks

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    Default Javelin S4 broken: Recover data from disks

    A friend of mine had a Javelin S4, but it stopped working. He sent the Javelin back to be repaired/replaced, but was told it is out of production and he got a refund in place of a replacement.

    He still has the four SATA harddisks with data, he would like to recover.

    Can we attach these disks to a normal Linux PC, recreate the raid5 with device mapper, and access the data ?

    Any other means ?

    Thanks Markus

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    I have the same Problem. Is there a way to recover the data?

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    Since the Javelin uses a proprietary Raid Controller, it differs from traditional Raid array. There is a software called UFS Explorer might be able to retrieve data from the Javelin’s Raid drives.

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    If you're in the south UK, I could recover the data for you. I have a Patriot (strictly an NS4600, but the patriot is a rebrand) that we could use to recover the array.

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