Take it, Charge it, Fuel Up. Perfect for anyone on-the-go, Patriot’s FUEL+ mobile rechargeable batteries are the best and most reliable solutions to ensure you will always have power for your mobile devices when you need it.

Ranging in size from 1500mAh up-to 9000mAh, The FUEL+ product family features a full line of battery sizes to fit the needs of any mobile user. To safeguard against under-discharge, over-charge, and short-circuit, FUEL+ comes with built-in protection to ensure efficient and safe charging cycles.

The FUEL+ also features power pass through technology that enables the battery to be charged when plugged in to a USB or wall outlet, while charging devices. Always have peace of mind when you are mobile, stay charged with FUEL+.

• Charge battery and device simultaneously
• Engineered to leading laptop battery standards
• Protect your investment with 2 year limited warranty

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