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Thread: Stream PBO files to tablet?

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    Default Stream PBO files to tablet?

    My PBO is connected to my TV. Works fine with files on 500MB internal Hard Drive. I have a wired and wireless home network with an access point. The PBO is in a room with "no" lan port available. With a WLL6075 Airlink101 USB adapter plugged into the PBO, it sees the router SSID and the access point SSID
    (which are different).

    Question: Is it possible to stream Files from the PBO to a lap top or tablet via wireless? If so, what must I do in network setup?

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    You should be able to see the content on your HDD by simply turning on the BT/samba option on the PBO. With samba on the HDD will available on the network and you can just select the file you wish to view. If you have a good wireless connection from the pbo to your router this should work fine.


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