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Thread: Can I install the Plex Media Server onto my PBO?

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    Default Can I install the Plex Media Server onto my PBO?

    I currently have my movies on a HDD inside my PBO Core and the Plex Media server on my Laptop. I also have the Plex apps for iPad and W8 phone, along with a Chromecast and it's all working well. However, to enable it all to work, I need to have my Laptop on.

    So is it possible to have the media server on my PBO Core instead as I'd rather have that on all of the time than my laptop

    The options to download are for Synology, Netgear, QNAP, unRaid, Drobo and usastor. Will any of them work?

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    It is very unlikely that any of those will work for you without some major hacking to resolve many issues. Too many variables like the kernel version, CPU type, dependencies etc... My recommendation would be to run mediatomb on the PBO which has been known to work.

    All that being said you never know you could get lucky with one of those???


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