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Thread: PBO Alpine Help! Not finding some files from external HD

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    Default PBO Alpine Help! Not finding some files from external HD

    I bought the PBO Alpine some time ago. I've been ripping the DVD's I buy into MP4 format and saving them onto a Seagate external hard drive.
    Everythings been working great until just recently. The last two DVD's I've ripped to MP4 (WALL-E and Frozen) show up on the hard drive, but not on the list of files I can play through the PBO Alpine.

    I go into the PBO Alpine menu, select video, select browse folders, then I go to the folder it should be in. It lists all the files that should be there except for the movies I've mentioned above. I've tried deleting the files and re-ripping them. They play fine from my computer when I go into the external HD, but when the PBO Alpine goes into the external HD it doesn't find these titles.

    What is wrong with my product and is there an update I can download to fix it?

    Thanks for Help

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    PBO is case sensitive, make sure that your file extension is mp4 versus MP4 and see if your file is now showing.


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