Did this 2 years ago:


Has been working just fine after doing the top and bottom heatsink mods as suggested
elsewhere in this forum. Tried screwing the fan but it made too much noise, went back
to double sided tape. The hole i measured to be exactly above where the stock fan fits and the
20mm fan (found on ebay) even has the correct plug. A bit ugly without a fan shroud, but its
not like its a museum piece :P

Slight downside is it requires more periodic cleaning out of the case.

At most, the case gets a tad warm.

Also, i dont know if anyone else has also confirmed this, but those WD 15mm 2tb 2.5 laptop drives?

The PBO formats and uses them quite nicely.

WHY WHY WHY isn't Patriot makeing these anymore? I have friends who have asked about these
constantly and i have to refer them to fleabay because these aren't available anymore.

Hey Patroit: You have money waiting for you :P