Hi all,

i'm trying to install the latest firmware into the gauntlet node, but when i try to perform the update using either the web interface or thru the patriot android app, both give me an error.

when i'm using the a laptop and the web interface, i can see the error details as follows:
SDA > System Volume Information > IndexerVolumeGuid -->

firmware uploading
not a valid firmware : Bad Magic Number: ",media/sda2/System Volume Information/IndexerVolumeGuid" is no vaild image

what does this mean?

i have a samsung ssd 1tb inside, while it was inside the node connected by USB, i initialized the SSD under win8.1 as GPT basic disk without any problems.
under "status", while connected to the node with an android in the patriot app, i can see the disk allocation device "sda2" with the correct total MB. The current firmware is PA21_1.2.4.5

What am I doing wrong?