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Thread: Upgrade and/or Fix Javelin?

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    Exclamation Upgrade and/or Fix Javelin?

    I'm fairly sure that no one is still hacking this unit, but I will give my inquiry a try.

    I had a strange idea recently. Could the Raspberry Pi or any of its clones possibly replace the Javelin's mainboard and provide a more current way to operate the system? I'm not quite sure if the Pi hardware is capable of controlling SATA drive, but maybe some kind of SATA to USB converter could do the job.

    -=[UNIT PROBLEM]=-
    I have recently started having problems with my Javelin, for reasons unknown, where
    it will begin booting (red light),
    beep when it's fully booted (blue light),
    can connect to web interface,
    about 2 minutes later everything just stops communicating, SMB freezes, NFS to Linux freezes, FTP doesn't connect (red light).
    Refresh the browser and I get "500 - Internal Server Error".

    I am thinking that the internal firmware has become corrupted due to one time when I did not have the unit on an UPS and the power flickered in my area for about a minute straight (brown out?). I would like to try flashing this unit back to the original shipped stock firmware. The 2 firmware updates on Patriot's site will not load via the Safe Mode menu in the browser. The files transfer to the unit but the unit shows an error saying that the files are not valid. Trying to flash them from the admin web interface gives me an error saying there's a problem with the disks (even when there's no disks in the unit).

    I do not have the previously mentioned cable to attach to the unit for serial communication, and would probably just screw things up even more if I tried to make one myself. I would be willing to buy one from someone for a decent price if I could get this unit back into normal operational status.

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    PM me I have possible solution, that is if this post is not deleted like the last 3.

    What gives with post deletion?

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