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Thread: Patriot PCUSBW1150 w/PBO Core?

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    Default Patriot PCUSBW1150 w/PBO Core?

    Anyone know if Patriot's PCUSBW1150 Mini WiFi USB adapter is compatible with the PBO Core? The Amazon blurb says it's, "Compatible with Patriot Box Office Media Player or any other desktop/laptop systems," but that probably means the Android thing.

    (Am I the only one still using/enjoying the PBO Core? I think it's the best little media player around, but it sure is quiet here in the forum area...)

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    So instead of worrying with the new Patriot adapter, I used the "Compatible Wifi Adapters *Unofficial*" and selected the first one I could find still sold, the DealExtreme 23347 (which I ordered through, and...naturally, the PBO Core won't recognize it at all - no "WiFi Plug-In" at all. Checked it in an old XP machine I have lying around, and it's working fine...indeed, it's grabbing a local store's open WiFi signal that my desk machine's built-in can't see.

    I do have a Kasens G5000 I bought from DX a long time ago that works on the PBO Core, sorta...the box runs though a "WiFi Plug-In/WiFi Plug Out" cycle, never staying plugged-in long enough for me to log into my local network.

    Since I'm clearly going to start a collection of network dongles, I'm going to order the asus USB-N10 listed as available from both Amazon and Newegg, which if it changed chipsets won't work, either. Anyone know of a specific adapter currently on the market that will work properly with with the PBO Core?

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