Can anyone send me the engmode or root password for the Javelin S4?

While trying to update the busybox, I killed the ability to update the firmware and the ability to access the unit from it's IP address.
So thought I would reset the box to new condition by soft resetting and reflashing (was already running v2) the firmware. When trying to update/reflash, it goes to 25% then says "Invalid upgrade file!". I tried both firmware versions.
I did the hard reset and it still does the same, only now it wiped out the rooter plugin, so I cannot get in from telnet. I can get the telnet session started, but now it wants a root password or the engmode password, which I don't know.
After a bit of searching and learning about NFS, I think I can update the firmware using telnet and NFS. That should reset the firmware and restore my S4.

I opened a support case online, but they haven't replied.