Hi All,

I purchased many 32GB Patriot Supersonic Boost XT flash drives and for some reason not all but many of them every time I use them with Windows 7 when I plug the flash drive in Windows recognizes the drive but Windows says that I need to format the drive to use it. So I click "Cancel" on that and disconnect the drive properly and to get around this issue I start the "Disk Management" utility in Windows 7 first then plug in the Patriot flash drive and I don't get the Windows error that I need to format my drive to use it and everything works right away.

This issue is only occurring on Windows 7, I've use these flash drives on Windows Server 2003 and I never get the error that I need to format the drive to use it.

Does anybody know I way to resolve this issue which I think is a bug? I notice that Patriot to release a firmware update for this flash drive and I have not applied the firmware update just yet. I wanted to reach out to the community here first to see if anybody has experience this issue before.

thanks in advance