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Thread: Fixed: Passthrough with iPhone Personal Hotspot not working

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    This was driving me mad! First thing I found is that iPhone uses the AES WPA2-PSK and I'd set the Patriot Gauntlet up to use TKIP so changed it to match iPhone HotSpot. Not sure if this made any difference. I was finding that the Gauntlet could see my iPhone hotspot but I couldn't click on it to select it like I could the other WiFi networks.

    My SSID was auto selected by the iPhone as 'Nicholas's iPhone'. I think this is an invalid SSID! So I changed my iPhone's ID to 'NickPhone' in the Settings-General-About.

    AND it now works!!!!!

    I can see the Patriot from my devices on the Patriot network and they all can get internet via my iPhone.

    I have Firmware PA21_1.2.4.6 on the Gauntlet and my iPhone is a 6 Plus running IOS 8.1.3. I'm using my Windows 8.1 laptop to configure the Patriot.

    So all devices connect to the patriot WiFi and then, whilst in the hotspot screen on the iPhone, I go to the Patriot web gui on my laptop and configure passthrough to point at my iPhone hotspot
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    What it does mean though is that while you are using the iPhone as a personal hotspot, you can't access the files on the Gauntlet from the iPhone because it's not actually connected to it as the WiFi connection to the Gauntlet is disabled to allow the hotspot to transmit.

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