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Thread: PBO Corde + 3TB HDD interimittent and highly frustrating!!

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    Default PBO Corde + 3TB HDD interimittent and highly frustrating!!

    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone can assist - I'm using a 3TB Transcend powered external hard drive, it only has around 200GB of files on it(it's a few months old). The issue I'm having is that the I can try for on average, 30-45 minutes trying to get the PBO to detect it. More info :

    - different USB ports attempted ;
    - The drive does start up when the PBO does but 'reads' then switches off after a few seconds, they've both got to be unplugged and reinserted at the power until the PBO picks up the drive correctly (signalled by the drive continuously flashing indicating reading), once it does connect I have no issues with browsing or playing any of the media files ;
    - the drive detects fine on Windows, it is NTFS formatted ;
    - I do know about the 2TB limit but this drive only has a little data ;
    - To me it seems that both the PBO and HDD need to be plugged in/powered at exactly the right time in order for them to start up together.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar? This is highly frustrating, just to watch some videos takes such a long time to get working. I will also liaise with Transcend support as a troubleshooting step.

    Thank you.

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    Your issue is probably caused as you mention from your drive being 3 TB; how much data is on it is irrelevant. You could always try to create a 2TB and a 1TB partition on on the drive but I doubt this will help.

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    New here and not sure what is meant by 2tb limit. I have had a pbo core for about 3yrs and run 3tb drives. I drive truck over the road and use the media player instead of tv. I have run up to three 3tb drives on a powered and non powered usb hub just fine with an internal 1tb drive. I do occasionally get drive disconnects but I attribute that to going over bumps and such. (we team drive) I do know that over the years, if I have had an external drive problem, it is usually with the enclosure, not the drive. I am presently converting to a 4bay tower with four 3tb drives with minimal problems. There is an issue of removing the drives from the enclosures and having a mbr to gpt issue. The drives have to be reformatted to gbt and data reinstalled to work in the tower. Time consuming at the very least. I am using a Sans Digital usb tower. I have run the hub with the drives through the front and back usb ports but you cannot use the micro port for anything but connecting to a computer to access the internal drive for file work. Sort of like when you connect most smart phones to a computer to transfer files. Also, when you connect any cable to the micro port, the pbo loses access to the external drives. I am posting this additional info because others have had drive problems with the tower and I'm sure it was the mbr to gbt issue. BTW, I'm pretty sure the drives that were in the individual enclosures were mbr and gbt but not positive. However, I had to reformat all of them for the tower. As a side note, 2tb drive needed no reformatting. I know your post wasn't about a tower but thought the 3tb info could be useful. This might be old knowledge and not very useful but here it is anyway.

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