Hi! I'm new here and was reading the old "other firmware on PBO" but is closed, so can't comment there.

Now my question. I have an old hv335t and will like to put in it one of these alternatives firmwares por PBO, more precisely the acryan version.

I read that there are some problems with the power functions, and it's not very clear to me if finally was resolved or not. In argosy hv335t, the
power cycle is

Power On <--> Standby <--> Power off

If i put this firmware and buy a harmony or any universal remote and considering
a) Put on the universal remote the codes to control a PBO box
b) Make the remote learn "the power on" function (i understand it doesn't work out of the box)

Will i be able to
1) Go from standby to power on ?
2) Go from power on to stand by ?
3) Go from standby to power off ?
4) Go from power off to stand by ?

I understand that 1) and 2) is possible and 3) and 4) doesn't work, right? If that is the case is ok for me, but i want to be sure that after going from power on to standby, the hdd doesn't continue to spin all day long.

Thanks in advance, hope anyone can help!