Hi, My NAS Patriot Javelin S4 Media Server had a problem after i copied files from my NAS to my PC, it hung. i had to reboot my pc and my Nas. I have Raid 5 with 4 TB drives, Seagate same size in my Nas.

When i rebooted my Nas, i could see that it tried to rebuild the array, condition was Critical, it rebuilt the array till 16 % then i see in the log that the nas had 2 abnormal shut down and resume array and still stuck at 16 % after 6 hrs. I bought a new drive put it in in 2 slots, first slot didn't do anything, it could see the drive as free drive. When i put it in bay 1 it started to rebuild till 16 % again then abnormal shut down again and resume..

I don't know what to do now, need advice. it seems that the drives work, no hardware errors in the log, may be the file system or corrupted and needs to be repair or rebuilt. i tried to check the file system and it goes up to 95 % then stopped there. I don't see any options to repair, or rebuild the array without deleting and wiping out of my data, i have over 5 TB of data.

Let me know what you think i should do to fix it or retrieve my data.