I've had my PBO Core since 2009. I'm not very computer literate.

We have two computers, one running Vista, the other Windows 8.1. Everything is connected with Ethernet.

In the PBO Core NET menu, in Workgroups, it can see both computers. Some of the folders on the Vista are accessible, others it asks for NET USER ID, to which I don't have one.

When I try to access the 8.1, it also asks for the NET USER ID, and again I don't have one. On the 8.1, I created a user PBO with no password, then I switched to that user. Then I tried to access the computer from the PBO and entered PBO for the name and left the password blank and it still fails.

In these forums I tried finding the steps, or solutions, to resolve this but I cannot seem to find what I'm looking for.

Up until this point I've been watching my videos by moving them to a flash drive and then bringing that drive to the PBO.

Can someone help me connect my PBO to my 8.1 computer properly?

Just in case it might help:
System Revision P020BC18-70R2
Kernel Revision 337222
Bootup 27
Bootcode 0000.0202.0027