Have a 16 GB Xporter XT. Windows Vista Hm Prem x64.
When I write files from my HDD to the Xporter, the write / read times seem fine - as reported by Vista to complete.

Sometimes the blue LED always keeps blinking long after the transfer is shown "complete" by Windows.
On small files, or larger ones (larger, meaning 10 - 25 MB).

LED might blink a full minute after tranfers complete - possibly more, depending on # of files and / or their sizes.
But other times (like now - I tested it) - a 25 - 35 MB file transfers in a few seconds, and the blue LED stops flashing, right after Vista shows the transfer complete.

Maybe ? it's because I left it in the default FAT32 format & Vista uses mostly NTFS?
I don't understand the inconsistency - how long the LED keeps blinking.

My understanding was don't remove the flash drive until LED stops blinking?

Now, there's only ~ 4.5 GB stored on it out of the reported 14.9 GB capacity.