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Thread: How to transfer non Javelin S4 disks to a Javelin to copy/move files and manage them

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    Default How to transfer non Javelin S4 disks to a Javelin to copy/move files and manage them


    I have a Javelin S4 (similar to the Promise NS4600N) and a NS4300N (previous model) NAS systems. I need to play musical hard drives, and wanted to move some of the existing drives from the Javelin to the NS4300N. After trying to simply unplug and plug in drives, I believe I have discovered that the NS4300N supports ext3 partitions while the Javelin supports XFS partitions. Even though the Linux OS on the Javelin appears to support both, it won't mount or recover a disk non XFS.

    So begins the tale. So, understanding that I can take these NAS disks and load them into a Linux system (I just happened to have an Ubuntu server running on a core2 Duo system) I plugged them in. I could mount the ext3 partition drive, but not the XFS partition. If you are a Linux expert, then the rest of this will bore you. For the rest of you, I'll continue. After several days of failed attempts at mounting the XFS drive, I discovered that the XFS drive is using 64K blocks. I also found out that the PAGE_SIZE of my Linux OS is at 4096 and the PAGE_SIZE must match or be greater than your XFS partition block sizing. I was given an idea to use FUSE, but fuse doesn't appear to support XFS either.

    Now, I've had from this forum, BadIntentions had put this up. I see him ALL over the place here, but does that mean I can trust him to install a piece of software I downloaded? I'm paranoid... That's not a reflection on him either. He's even answered questions for me before. But - takes an allows me to telnet into my Javelin and possibly brick it in the process all to save myself days of work...? Well, I gave it a shot. I am happy to report, on the current/latest firmware to date, rooter works perfectly and is saving me time.

    So, I plugged in my NS4300N ext3 disk into the Javelin. I already know the web interface sees the NS4300N disk, but won't let me recover RAID0 on it to get it working. But what about the OS. LVDISPALY shows me the VG is inactive. So, I vgchange -a y <device> and it's now showing active. While telnet'd to the box, I issue the mount -t ext3 /dev/<device> /<folder> command and BAM! works. I can now transfer locally Terabytes of data that would have taken me ages over a Workstation1 > NAS1 > Workstation1 > NAS2 copy. I still haven't popped the disk out and back into the NS4300N to see if all if truly well, but I'll come back to this later and update you all.

    To summarize - rooter WORKS as some of you already know - and for paranoids like me, give it a try - it's nothing short of pure awesomeness if this is what you intend to do.

    Thanks BadIntentions! Thanks for all that you do.

    UPDATE Aug 22, 2015 - Hello again. Rooter still working like a champ... Just to refresh - I took hard drives from another NAS (ns4300n) in ext3 partition format, and transferred them to the Javelin S4. Using rooter, I telnet'd to the Javelin, ran [vgchange -a y on the /dev/vg00x] drives to activate them (lvscan said they were inactive) and then [mount -t ext3 /dev/vg00x/lv00x]. From there, I just used cp commands to copy files from my XFS Javelin partitions to my ext3 ns4300n drives (locally instead of over the network - almost 4 TB worth of files). I then was able to take out the ext3 partitions drives and put them back in the NS4300N and boot them up with no issues. I also mounted the ext3 - ns4300n drives on a Linux Ubuntu server as well (just to check), no issues. Having some problems though on the Javelin S4 afterwards, but might be user error. I can't seem to get old XFS volumes no longer in the Javelin to unmount. Found them in the fstab, but rooter is only a temporary operating system (sort of) and doesn't save changes I think when I remove the entries I don't need in fstab. I'll keep checking and respond back once I have a cause/solution.

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