Hello everyone, this is my first time using Patriot viper 3 memory - PV316G160C9KBL 8gbx2 run at 1600 cl9 1.5volt

My ram have a good way to get overclock? My overclock result is 2133 Mhz 10-11-11-31 2T 1.575v stable at LinX loop 10x, is this safe? what is the best software to get maximum stability of OC ram test? thanks

my specs :

Intel core i7 3770 run at 4.1ghz with Corsair H80i
HIS R9 290
ASROCK z77 Extreme4-M
Patriot Viper 3 PV316G160C9KBL 8gbx2 blue sapphire
Intel SSD330series
Enermax Naxn 750w 80+ Bronze