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Thread: Patriot V760 keyboard problems

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    Default Patriot V760 keyboard problems

    So I just got this keyboard and when I first plugged it in, it worked fine. As soon as I downloaded the software for it and then it said it needed to do a firmware update, I clicked update. It updated and now none of the keys work. All the light functions work, it does all the various effects and all, but just refused to type period. I've tried every single thing I could think of. Such as rebooting, unplugging it and rebooting, uninstalling drivers and unplugging and rebooting, uninstalling drivers and program and unplugging and then rebooting...etc. The only thing I can think of is that it's a firmware issue...I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to factory reset it or if they came across anything like this before? I'm all out of ideas...

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    Just reset to factory defaults and redo the firmware update

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    Same Problem. But the helpful Tech Support person fixed it over the phone.

    I purchased 2 of these.
    One worked flawlessly the other 1 was having this issues.
    also in the second machine when i installed and ran the viper utility
    for some reason the "Response Rate" drop down used to show me 510 ms when it first loaded, but if you see in the drop down box you will only see from 2ms to 20 ms.

    Anyway. This is how i fixed it.

    First to reset the keyboard.
    press the viper AND the pause/break key together and hold it down for about 5 seconds. lights will blink and it will be reset.

    I also had to re-download the entire utility from this link again.



    And went through the short installation process. re-updated the firmware one more time. and it worked for me.

    Try it out,

    Best of luck.

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    "But the helpful Tech Support person fixed it over the phone" !!!! I have tried calling, EMing, using this forum numerous times and never gotten any response. Why don't you call the "helpful Tech Support person" back and ask him/her where the manual is? I can never get anything except voice mail and have never rec'd a call back or EM reply. I think this may be a joke posted by Omega or s/he is the luckiest person using this KB. If you actually got an answer when you called, please post the info on your call - number, time of day, person talked to, etc.

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