Apologies if my message got lost in a approval loop, but it seems to have disappeared, so I am resubmitting.

So, I was having issues with the S4 getting confused, but finally got it playing nice. Unfortunately, as I backed the data up to another drive, it lost its mind again. This typically results in having to rebuild the array. I suspect the power supply might be sagging, but trying to fix it would take hacking up cables.

My question is whether anyone has any experience dropping RAID 5 drives from an S4 into another brand of RAID box. I would think RAID boxes started more proprietary with respect to access, but as they have become more commoditized, I was hoping maybe striping has become more "standard", so maybe another box could pick up the file system and be able to access the data without rebuilding the array, which might damage data.

Does anyone have any experience trying this? Or a good power supply they'd be willing to loan? ;^)