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Thread: More of the same problems, help!

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    Default More of the same problems, help!

    Unboxed my V760 RBG keyboard, worked fine first 5 minutes until prompted to upgrade firmware. Said "yes" updated to v1.8. Lost the ability to type and two of preload color effects, Reactive and Ripple stopped working. Uninstalled, reinstalled
    Options, updated firmware again and same problems. And as noted by other forum members, no real manual of how to troubleshoot or how to program etc. Not impressed and probably will return the keyboard for a better supported competitor. Shame as it looked like a nice product. I did try the suggestion by to hold viper key down and pause/break and it did reset and I was able to type. Did not get back the preloaded Reactive and Ripple effect. Thanks.

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    Did you ever get this working? It looks like there's a new update, 2.4, out in March here -
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