Hello everyone,
I would like to ask for your experience regarding a problem I am facing.
I own an SSD Patriot Blast 120 which I installed on a friend's PC with a motherboard from Asrock (945GCM-S with the latest bios) and installed Windows 7 64 bit on it. First thing I noticed is that when creating the partitions (the one with the 100Mb) it takes a long time but it finishes. Windows get installed fine and I proceed to the desktop. After 2-3 restarts Windows cam no longer boot and show an error like Windows cannot locate the file C\Windows32\System\boot (or something similar).
This happens more than once and Windows repair is unable to fix the problem.
If I try to reinstall Windows and reach the setup point with the partitions once again, I see 3 partitions, one is the Windows, one the 100Mb and there is one of 0Mb that cannot be deleted alone. I have to delete the Windows partition first, then the 100Mb and then the drive becomes a whole empty partition again (no need to delete the 0Mb partition).
Has anyone else experienced anything similar?Is this a motherboard or my SSD's problem? Maybe both? On another machine the SSD installs and runs fine by the way.
Your help and advise will be appreciated. I am going crazy with this!