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Thread: Patriot SATA Toolbox 1.15 do not recognizes my Patriot blast 240

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    Post Patriot SATA Toolbox 1.15 do not recognizes my Patriot blast 240

    hi all,

    i have this problem, my patriot blast 240 with windows 10 installed, have problems after a black out restarted my pc, now windows doesent start, i can see with some difficulties the content of the ssd using an usb to sata cable (i ve saved all the things of my desktop ), but i cant do any format or partition and Patriot toolbox does not see any ssd, saying no drives supported by this toolbox.

    i had a similar issues in the past, but with an old version of the toolbox i was able to erase the disk (i have tried the old version as well to solve this last problem, but say "no drives supported by this toolbox")

    ok now i m able to see the ssd (i have installed windows 10 into another hd and with ssd plugged direcly on the mainboard) but from the toolbox but i cant do anything
    this is what i see

    What can i do now?
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    Can you please try updating with the toolbox visa SATA cable. Can you also please ensure that you have AHCI set on in BIOs.
    Thank you.

    *We have reached out to directly via email. Please check with the email you registered with for more support. Thank you.
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    sorry for the delay, i ve solved two days ago, the two main problems was:

    the toolbox had problem recognizing ssd when the ssd was in the same controller of the main hd, on my motherboard i have a sata6 and a sata 3 controllers, at first ive cennected the win10/hd and the ssd on sata6 controller, the trying new solution i ve connected ssd on sata 3 controller, now toolbox see the ssd

    toolbox now see the ssd but for loading windows it took 30 min

    both problem solved installing the new ssd firmware

    tnx all for support

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