Hi All. Long time, no see!
I am using my old Patriot M-28 256 GB drive for other reasons in my new build. The current firmware that the Samsung Magician shows is VBM1901Q. Is there a later version of that firmware? Everywhere I go, I run into places that say they have it, but they are driver updater programs.
If anybody knows of a legit, newer version please let me know. I tried the Samsung page, and they have nothing that old.
The Samsung model number, that the Magician shows is: MMDOE56G5MXP-MVP 238.47GB. ($700 back in the day. LOL)
Any advice would be appreciated to get the most out of it.
Incidentally, I had it as the C drive in my last build. It STILL reads at 224MBS and writes at 229 MBS!