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Thread: Issue with scroll wheel on Viper 560 mouse

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    Exclamation Issue with scroll wheel on Viper 560 mouse

    Just bought the V560 mouse via a local store and have been using it for a couple of days now, I have noticed the scroll wheel is a little off, when doing a couple of scrolls it feels really smooth and perfect and then a couple of scrolls feel kinda sluggish as if there was some kind of friction or irregularity inside the mouse or something, it feels off to not have the same scroll wheel softness regularly.

    Is this normal? I guess not, can it be fixed?

    I bought it at a local store in Mexico, what are my choices?

    Aside from this issue I find it a really smooth mouse but every time I scroll the change in the wheel behavior gets my attention and really bugs me.

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    Dear Kozmica,

    The behavior you're describing does not fall in line with our product. There may be a foreign object in the mouse wheel causing the issue but should it be an issue with the hardware, the mouse will need to be replaced. If your store does not have a return period we can initiate an RMA for you.

    Please check your email for additional details.

    Thank you for choosing Patriot Memory.


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