Preparing to transfer programs and data from my WinXP computer to a new Win7 computer, I spent many hours loading up my red Patriot xporter XT 8gb flash drive. But when I plugged it into the Win7 USB3 port today, a message popped up telling me the flash drive needed to be formated. I then took the flash drive back to the WinXP computer, but when I plugged it into a USB2 port all of a sudden I couldn't access My Computer and the bottom toolbar (Start, program tabs, quick launch toolbar, etc...) disappeared. .

The flash drive's blue light was flashing occasionally, but after a short while I couldn't even access my browser or other programs. The WinXP Task Manager didn't show anything unusual, no high processor usage, but the computer was unusable. When I removed the flash drive the bottom tool bar(s) appeared again and everything went back to normal.

I also tried a different blue Patriot supersonic XT flash drive on both computers and had no problem getting it to work.

Is there anyway to test this inaccessible flash drive? This flash drive hasn't had much use and is probably 1-2 yrs old. Any advice would be very much appreciated...