Hello guys,

i bought Patriot Supersonic Magnum 2 USB 3.1 from Amazon since feb 2017.
Initial purchase this flash drive is to create Win2Go (Win 10) to aid in my work for troubleshooting purpose.

Tried created for around 5 times using different laptop and desktop..
Success in creating Bootable device of Win 10 version of Win2Go.

However when during the process of booting it.. It is SUPER SUPER SLOW even it is plug onto USB3.0 port.
Everything are really very slow.. Waited for few hours to setup the Windows 10 process and load to the desktop page, it is still super lag and almost impossible to open any program including Explorer folder.

When plug onto another computer, it will load for 15 min plus and back to the Windows Setup page again..

Is there any solution for this issue or this thumbdrive isnt meant to create Bootable Win2Go device?

or it is faulty?

(No issue in transferring files, it works well and fast.)

Hope anyone of u able to assist or answer my doubt.