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Thread: (Stuttering, Prefetech & MS Patches) Slow SSD Writes

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    Global, that relpy is great if outlook is installed, but I don't even use outlook, I have XP SP3 with 3gb of ram and I can't even install a program without it taking upwards of 30 minutes, this SSD has been nothing but issues for me since I got it. I thought maybe it was my XP installs but I would like a Patriot representative to give us a solution that works in XP. I like all the suggestions that people have in terms of how they fixed it, but sometimes, companies need to fess up when it's a large problem. This SSD stutters too much to get anything done and I want to know how to fix it w/o having to do a mission on the internet to find the sacred realm of the fix that works.

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    Those replies were for their situations and their problems. You have not posted in this thread, or posted enough information to give me any kind of clue why the drive is stuttering. I don't even know which SSD you are currently experiencing problems with. Please be as detailed as possible, starting a new thread specifically for your problem would be best, and I can help you from there. I am not a representative for Patriot, I do however have lots of experience with SSDs, I own 3 Patriot V2s and will soon own a Torqx, and I have been in the IT field for 8 years so I am used to troubleshooting and finding solutions for unique problems. Please do not get frustrated, we will find a solution to your problem in one way or another.

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    I have two Patriot Warp V2 32GB SSDs on my netbooks. Initially I had some problem of stuttering / hanging while installing the OS (WinXP) and installing some (but not all) programs afterwards.

    I read the guides on the 0CZ forum (Google "0CZ tweak XP (or vista)"), and did all the recommended OS tweaks, eg. disable Prefetching, disable Indexing etc.

    Then I discovered a freeware called "FlashFire SSD Accelarator" (originally called "flashpoint SSD accelerator").

    FlashFire SSD Accelerator

    (In fact I am still using a much earlier version without any customizing options, under the name "flashpoint")

    Apparently this app creates a write cache which particularly helps to improve the random write performance of SSDs, particularly of small files (128 kb or less, according to Atto disk).

    I find that after installing this app, boot and shutdown times improved, and most (if not all) stuttering / hanging problems disappeared.

    However, I must stress that I use my netbooks as they are designed for - surfing the web, emails, webcam chat and streamed videos. I do not use them for heavy duties such as video editing. I cannot assure effectiveness with heavy use.

    Still it is well worth a try!

    There are other utilities or things to do which may help to improve the stuttering / hanging problem, eg.

    (1) Windows SteadyState

    (2) Partition alignment (for WinXP and Vista)

    I have not tried SteadyState because apparently it makes bootup really slow. I tried partition alignment but did not find much improvement, and bootup takes longer than before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimjim View Post
    (2) Partition alignment (for WinXP and Vista)
    Partition alignment is not necessary for Vista. Vista will align the partition automatically.

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