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Thread: MacBook Doesn't See SSD

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    Quote Originally Posted by xs_roller75 View Post
    Apple provides the updates automatically. And there no updates ont that point, since a long time.

    Important too : user can't access open firmware or EFI. There's a way to have a terminal window just after start up. But you need to know the exact command lines to do something. Because, there is no GUI like a PC Bios.

    Is there a way to solve that issue by updating the firmware of the SSD ?
    It depends on the drive. Unfortunately, our Warp V2 does nor have a firmware upgrade available.

    Furthermore, the firmware updates are all windows or dos-based.

    For those with Macs that have drives with firmware updates available that need an upgrade,
    you can open up a support ticket and send the drive to us and we'll be glad to do this:

    (Drives will available updates: PS-100, Torqx/Koi, Inferno, Torqx M28, Torqx TRB,)

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    Apple has updated automatically. And there are no updates that point long ago been received.

    It is also important: the user can not access the Open Firmware and EFI. There is a way to have a terminal window, just after the start. But you need to know the exact command line to do something. Since there is no graphical interface such as a PC's BIOS.

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    I have the same problem with my SSD in macbook pro retina 13" (late 2012) - just update my macosx to yosemite and everything is ok.

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