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Thread: different adress in rebate form

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    Default different adress in rebate form

    will i still be eligible for a rebate if I will write a different adress in a rebate form (in "Where to mail rebate check") . For example if i purchased memory when i was living in texas(adress which is on invoice), but at the time when you will ship a rebate i will be living in Kansas??
    Will it be reason for rebate denial??

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    Let me forward your question to the rebate dept.

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    thnaks...i hope they will be fast..

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    Dear valued customer,
    You may write a different address for the forwarding of your rebate check, however this address must also fall under the guidelines for addresses (ie. no P.O. Boxes, must be within U.S. and Canada). I will be monitoring this thread, so if you have any further questions please feel free to ask.
    Thank you.

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    thanks thanks

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